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University Development and Alumni Relations
Business: 209.946.2500
Fax: 209.946.3272

University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
McConchie Hall
Stockton, CA 95211

The Alex & Jeri Vereschagin Alumni House

Picture of VAH

Your New Home on Campus

  • A central place for the more than 37,000 Alumni to call Home
  • A symbol of alumni leadership and involvement on campus
  • A lasting legacy for the history of the University and the individuals that shared the uniquely rich heritage and education
  • 9,500 square-feet

Georgette M. Hunefeld '90

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Making a House a Home

  • 9,500 square feet
  • Grand Reception Center
  • Executive Board Room
  • Two Conference Rooms
  • Library
  • Catering Kitchen
  • Elevator
  • Grand Staircase
  • Executive Business Suite
  • Patio
  • Plaza
  • Traditions, Honors, & History
  • Future Home of Class Time Capsules
  • Silver LEED Certification
Brochure Front

VAH First Floor

A Display Cases (5)


  • Young Family
  • Filmore Marks
  • Williams/Page
  • Martha Gutherie
B Benches


  • Jefferey Teutsch
  • Cathy Pietzanza
  • Ces Ciatti
C Bike Rack NAMED: Franz & Rahnea Vaiarello
D Elevator

NAMED: Stavosky Elevator

E Main Staircase Landing NAMED: AKL Challenge
F Back Staircase

NAMED: Feather River Inn

G Leadership Wall NAMED: Elizabeth Johnson PAA



Ron & Suzanne Leineke Conference Room
Omega Phi Library
Jim & Diane Payne Family Kitchen
Armando & Debra Flores Gallery
Rhizomia Conference Room (2nd Floor)
Black Alumni Pacific Club Executive Suites (2nd Floor)


















Alumni Foyer

Alumni House Foyer

  • Elegantly decorated 750 square-foot space
  • Perfect for pre-event activities and receptions
  • During normal business operations the pre-event foyer will serve as a reception center
  • Visitors can conduct personal business, tap into the Internet or just sit and relax while visiting with friends

Interested In Naming the Alumni Foyer?

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Georgette M. Hunefeld '90
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Omega Phi Alpha Library

Omega Phi Library

  • The Alumni Library represents a funding challenge by the men of Omega Phi Alpha
  • "The Pacific Experience" will be displayed on the screens in the room providing the digital history of Pacific at the click of the mouse
  • The tastefully appointed meeting room and study will also enhance the precious memories of Omega Phi Alpha fraternity
  • Home of the Naranjado & Epoch yearbooks, The Pacifican newspapers, and books authored by alumni and faculty. The richly designed space will be designed and furnished to accommodate meetings

Interested In Helping with the Omega Phi Alpha Challenge?

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Georgette M. Hunefeld '90
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Regent's Board Room

  • 1,640 square foot space
  • 50 seat conference table
  • Pacific Alumni Association's Board Meetings
  • Social and programmatic functions, such as:
  • receptions
  • lectures
  • banquets
  • meetings
  • reunions
  • student centered events

Alumni House Board Room

Georgette M. Hunefeld '90
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Interested In Making a Gift to the Regent's Board Room?

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Alumni Patio


  • Adjacent to the Alumni Board Room
  • Allows special events to flow out of the building
  • The landscaped Alumni Patio will provide an attractive alternative for Vereschagin Alumni House venues

Interested In Naming the Alumni Patio?

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Georgette M. Hunefeld '90
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Donor Named Spaces

  • Black Alumni Pacific Club Executive Suites
  • Rhizomia Conference Room

Second Floor Naming Opportunities

  • Alumni Mezzinine
  • Reception Area
  • Executive Director's Office
  • Associate Director's Office

2nd Floor

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Georgette M. Hunefeld '90
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