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University Writing Programs

Mission Statement

The goal of the University Writing Programs is to assist faculty and students at Pacific in the improvement of student writing within their majors and individual disciplines. We encourage active, engaged learning through writing-intensive courses that use innovative teaching methods in writing instruction and through tutorial support from the Writing Center. We support all levels of writing in the various undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs.

University Writing is comprised of three distinct but connected programs:

Developmental Writing & University Writing Requirements

The Developmental Writing Program consists of a series of courses that fulfill the "pre-college" writing requirement. These courses are calibrated for students new to the university and are intended to provide instruction in the writing skills required for success as a college-level writer.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center provides writing support for undergraduate and graduate students of all skill levels at any stage in the process for assignments in any discipline. The Writing Center offers an inviting, non-judgmental space where peer mentors and student writers build collaborative learning relationships based on fostering student self-efficacy, honoring student agency, and developing transferable writing skills. The Stockton and Sacramento campus locations offer in-person writing tutoring appointments, and online appointments offer remote access to services for students on all three campuses.

Writing in the Disciplines

The University of the Pacific boasts that upon graduation, our students will be well-prepared to enter the workforce and to continue their graduate studies. Among the many reasons for this are small class sizes, practical experiences, and dedicated faculty - each of which contributes to deep student learning. Strong writing instruction is the core around which this learning is built.

Contact Us

Ciara Swan
Writing Center Coordinator
Phone: 209.932.2969

Contact Ciara for questions related to the Writing Center, to schedule an appointment in the Writing Center, to schedule a classroom presentation, and to schedule a workshop or peer review session. Please also contact Ciara to discuss undergraduate writing resources, graduate and professional writing resources, and teaching resources for writing instruction.

Janice Putman-Gonzales
Manager, General Academic Tutoring Center
Phone: 209.946.2458

Contact Janice for questions related to writing course placement.