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Why Choose an Ethnic Studies Minor at Pacific?

Multidisciplinary Program

The Ethnic Studies Program at Pacific is dedicated to integrated, multidisciplinary learning, and it draws from the strengths of our Arts and Sciences College and its faculty.

Through the courses and activities of the program, you will be equipped with the conceptual and practical skills needed to help you competently and responsibly participate in all aspects of civic life that contribute to advancing social equity, inclusive democracy and global citizenship.

Extracurricular Activities

We enrich student experience in our program through a number of events, guest speakers and field trips. We often collaborate with other programs such as Gender Studies, the Humanities Center and Writing in the Disciplines, in hosting activities that are relevant to interdisciplinary areas of study.

Inter-American Professionals (IAP) Certificate Program

Students involved in Ethnic Studies may choose to also participate in the Inter-American Professionals Certificate Program. This joint program between Pacific’s School of International Studies and other academic units integrates liberal arts and professional education, and promotes intercultural competence in a bilingual context.

“It was through the Ethnic Studies curriculum that I developed the theoretical tools necessary to be a critical thinker beyond the classroom setting. It was because of my Ethnic Studies minor that I started thinking about my life’s purpose and moral obligation toward civic engagement. The Ethnic Studies minor also allowed me to re-evaluate, strengthen, and hone my interests and skills as a Speech-Language Pathology major.”
Joy Huh, who went on to graduate studies
at Teacher College of Columbia University