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Physical Plant: Grounds

The Grounds Department maintains all 175 acres of Pacific's Stockton campus. Grounds is responsible for planter maintenance and installation, tree care and planting, lawn care including the athletic fields, irrigation systems, litter and outdoor debris pickup, sidewalk and street cleaning, roadway maintenance, flood prevention, and general maintenance of Pacific's vehicle fleet. During new construction Grounds also assists and advises on new landscape design. 

Complete a FAMIS work request to:                 

FAMIS logo - Request a sprinkler shutoff for an event on the grass
- Request an underground utility marking before putting stakes into the ground.
- Request maintenance for a University vehicle.

Water Use 

Pacific tries to limit water use, especially potable water use.  Here is a list of the many significant measures taken over the past decade to reduce the University's water use.  Water Conservation Efforts 2006-2015.


Eighty percent of the campus irrigation systems utilize non-potable water from the Calaveras River. Though non-potable water is an exception to the City of Stockton and State of California regulations on water use which limit watering during the middle of the day, Pacific still strives to maximize water conservation.

Here are a few reasons you may see sprinklers on in the middle of the day.

  • Maintenance. There are an estimated 50,000 sprinkler heads on campus.  Occasionally systems need to be run  briefly during the day in order to check for breaks and leaks. Not doing so would result in larger amounts of water waste over time.
  • Plant establishment. New plantings often require extra water when first being established. Athletic fields are reseeded multiple times a year. Sprinklers need to ensure proper seed germination. 

Redwood Grove

Grounds Page Redwood Photo Redwoods have shallow roots and require a considerable amount of water. Soil in the Grove may be wet because to water the trees properly the area is flood irrigated once a week.

Muir Botanical Garden

Grounds Page Muir Garden This area is planted with flora mentioned in John Muir's writings. It compliments artwork donated by former regent Jeannette Powell that was inspired by Muir's work. When Callison Hall was remodeled in 2011, the space, which formerly contained a high-maintenance lawn, ornamentals and a fountain, was transformed to the Muir Botanical Area.  

Half-staff Flag Days

University of the Pacific lowers its flags to half-staff on the following days. It may also fly flags at half-staff when the President of the United States or the Governor of California issue an executive order or proclamation.

Day Date Time
Peace Officers Memorial May 15 Sunrise to sunset
Memorial Day Last Monday in May Sunrise to noon
Patriot Day September 11 Sunrise to sunset
National Fallen Firefighters Usually first Sunday in October Sunrise to sunset
Pearl Harbor Remembrance December 7 Sunrise to sunset