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Modern Languages and Literature
Traci Roberts-Camps
Department Chair
3601 Pacific Ave.
Stockton, CA 95211

French Programs

The curriculum in French includes beginning multi-media based language classes, intermediate courses that focus on culture and language, advanced language and composition courses, surveys of literature and civilization, theme-based advanced courses that cover French and Francophone literature and cinema, and other cross-listed courses such as the History of French Cinema. All courses are in French unless otherwise specified.

The BA in French has two concentration:

  1. the Language and Literature Concentration which requires completion of six French courses above the intermediate level which provides background in French civilization, French and Francophone literature and/or film; and
  2. the French Studies Concentration which requires five French courses beyond the intermediate level plus three approved related courses in complementary fields.

Approved equivalents of major requirements are acceptable, but at least three (3) advanced courses must be completed in the French section of the Department of Modern Language and Literature. One of these must be completed upon return from study abroad. A student may take no more than one online advanced course to complete the major.\

Information on this page may be subject to change. For the most current academic program information, please consult the General Catalog.

Major Requirements (Language and Literature track)
Major Requirements (French Studies track)
Minor Requirement

Major Requirements for French Language and Literature Track Units

Minimum 21 upper division units (6 advanced courses) that include:

Select one of the following (or the equivalent from study abroad):          

  • FREN 107: Introduction to French of Business and Economics          
  • FREN 110: Grammaire, Composition et Discussion

Select one from each of the following groups (or the equivalent from study abroad):     

Group A (choose one)

  • FREN 112: Civilisation Française A  
  • FREN 116: Littérature Française A  

Group B (choose one)

  • FREN 114: Civilisation Française B  
  • FREN 118: Littérature Française B  

Three FREN Electives (Three additional courses above FREN 025)              


  1. 3 of these advanced courses must be completed at Pacific and one of these must be completed upon return from study abroad. 
  2. At least one semester of study abroad in a French-speaking country is strongly urged.

Major Requirements for French Studies Track

Minimum 8 courses that include:

Five FREN Electives (Five courses above FREN 025)

Select three of the following:    

  • ARTH 112 19th Century European Art         
  • ARTH 114 20th Century Art and Film           
  • HIST 111 Europe in Turmoil 1900-1945      
  • HIST 113 Europe Since 1945          
  • POLS 141 Western European Comparative Politics               
  • POLS 168 Comparative Foreign Policy        
  • ECON 121 International Trade            


  1. FREN 051 or FREN 120 may be taken in English to count towards one of the five courses above.
  2. Two of the advanced courses may be completed in a study abroad program.
  3. Other courses may be negotiable with a French advisor.
  4. At least one semester of study abroad in a French speaking country is strongly urged.

French Minor


Students must complete a minimum of 23 units and 6 courses with a Pacific minor grade point average of 2.0 in order to earn a minor in French.
Minor Requirements:

  • FREN 011A First-Year French, First Semester              
  • FREN 011B First-Year French, Second Semester      
  • FREN 023 Intermediate French, Third Semester    
  • FREN 025 Intermediate French, Fourth Semester
  • Two FREN Electives (upper division courses)      


  1. At least one of these electives must be taken at Pacific.
  2. Students are encouraged to study abroad in a French-speaking country and/or participate in a summer work program or internship there.
  3. Students can waive 8 minor units if they have already satisfied first and second semester language.