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    Piedmont Virginia Community College

    Course Equivalents (Articulation Agreement) to the Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy PharmD Program

    Piedmont Virginia Community College: 2018-2019

    Math and Science
    Online courses are NOT accepted for Prerequisites
    Required Courses Piedmont Course Number
    Calculus MTH (173) or (271)
    Physics with Lab PHY (201) or (241)
    General Chemistry with Lab CHM (111, 112) Labs Included
    Organic Chemistry with Lab CHM (Lec 241, 242; Labs 243, 244)
    General Biology with Lab BIO (101, 102) Labs Included
    Physiology with Lab BIO (141, 142) Labs Included
    Microbiology BIO (150) Lab not required
    Liberal Arts
    28 semester units of Liberal Arts credit required
    English Composition
    6 semester units
    ENG (111) (112) (210) Two courses required
    Public Speaking CST (100) Online courses are NOT accepted for this requirement
    Economics ECO (201)
    Students with a U.S. Bachelor's Degree may substitute: ECO (202)
    Psychology PSY (200) or (215)
    General Education Categories

    Students who have not completed a U.S. Bachelor’s degree must complete these categories:

    **Please refer to the current course catalog for additional information**   

    World Perspectives and Ethics (Minimum 3 Semester Units) HIS 101, HIS 102, HIS 111, HIS 112; PHI 100, PHI 220, PHI 227; REL 230
    Artistic Process and Creation (Minimum 3 Semester Units) ART 121, ART 125, ART 131, ART 132, ART 231, ART 241; CST 130, CST 131; PHT 164