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Department of Art and Graphic Design Office
Brett DeBoer
Department Chair
College of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Current Exhibition

Reynolds Gallery Online Exhibitions

The Reynolds Gallery has transitioned the final two exhibitions of 2019-2020 Academic Year to an online format.

These include, Gone Viral, a student curated exhibition of works by students in ARTH 193, Introduction to Museum Studies and our annual, Department of Art & Graphic Design, Senior Exhibition.

We close our 2019-2020 gallery calendar with the annual senior exhibition. This year, Department of Art & Graphic Design, Class of 2020 present, Vision 20-20 online Senior Exhibition. On this page below, you can find artist statements and links to portfolio website, for each of the student artists. >> Vision 20-20

Gone Viral: Museum Studies Online Exhibition

Museum Studies Online Exhibition

Gone Viral:
Museum Studies Online Exhibition

Introduction to Museum Studies
On February 25th museum studies students decided to create a coronavirus themed pop-up exhibition for their mid-semester project. Within two weeks our world was upended with campus closure and a move to distance learning for the end of the term.

What began as an 
in-person collaboration designed for a campus gallery about a timely topic shifted, as students moved from bystanders to active participants in this global crisis. The focus of the show evolved to reflect their experiences, fears, stress, coping mechanisms, and hope for
 the future.

Lisa Cooperman
Assistant Professor, University Curator

Gone Viral online Exhibition by students in Spring 2020, ARTH 193, Introduction to Museum Studies.

Gone Viral Exhibition Website Link:

Vision 20-20:
Senior Class of 2020 Exhibition

Jorge Aguiniga

Class of 2020 Senior Exhibition

I like to think of design as visual storytelling like a book tells a story. I have always been amazed by all forms of storytelling since I was a little kid and my parents would tell me stories of urban legends from Mexico. This has always fascinated me, but for a long time, I thought myself to be a bad reader. It was not until I was in high school that I started reading books and understood the infinite worlds that storytelling can take you to.

This is what I want to accomplish within my design. I want it to tell stories and more importantly to enhance the story beyond what the words tell. So what makes a story a good story? That depends on who is reading it. It is all up to the reader, or in the case of design materials, to the viewer. Our experiences shape how we view the world and so the viewers see everything through their past experiences. Many of my design inspirations come from books, films, and personal experiences. I believe that if my design can be relatable, it can have an impact on who is viewing it and they will relate to the stories I tell through my design.

Dreyk Arostigui

Class of 2020 Senior Exhibition

I remember for a long time in my earlier years always volunteering myself to make the high school art club’s t-shirt design. I always wanted to make the art show posters. As I got older, this small but fast-growing passion of mine would continue. I made logos for bands I was in and for bands that did not even exist. Later on, I took a strong liking towards streetwear and independent clothing brands. Inevitably, this made me discover different design styles and inspirations. Yet I still did not know what this developing passion was called or what I could do with it.

Once I began college, I made new friends with similar interests as me. I remember looking over one of my friend’s shoulder, watching her do work for one of her classes as I noticed she was doing things that I had wanted to do and loved for a while. I asked her what her major was, “graphic design” she said. It was there I decided what I wanted to do. Since then, I have been able to expand and develop my craft with graphic design. My goal is to be able to help develop and enhance anyone or any place or thing in need of branding or stylistic expression. I am here to create.

Olubori Babaoye

Spring 2020 Senior Exhibition

For my project I want to dive into the topics of colonialism, power, and corruption and how these issues relate to the current state of Nigeria. Nigeria’s history is rich, yet dark. Being that music is also such a driving factor within any culture, I felt that it would be best to express this through a large painting that incorporates elements from Nigerian musicians that have impacted the masses through their knowledge on these topics.

The painting is 36 x 48 in. and is based on Burna Boy’s “Another Story” music video. There are a few scenes throughout the video where there are students sitting in a classroom with black cloths wrapped around their faces. Each cloth has a different word pertaining to a socioeconomic issue on it. This scene stood out to me and I decided to take three of the faces and include those in my painting. Below the floating heads are the many small homes and buildings in a village called Agbada Owo in Nigeria. The village appears to be tranquil, but one can see that it’s also ablaze in the far mountains. In the sky there’s a road running past the closest two heads. On this road is a presidential vehicle. This represents the fact that politicians are able to travel by air, while the average Nigerian would have to walk, or take the public transportation to get around. This piece will be one of a series of three paintings.

Carmen Cobian

Spring Senior Exhibition

I love to explore and try new things. Growing up, I developed an interest in astronomy, geology, music, and art. I love just about any form of art from theater arts, and music, to drawing and painting. Though I have many hobbies and interests, art has always been my true passion. My hobbies aside from art are writing poetry, going out on my longboard throughout Stockton and taking photos.

I am Mexican-American, and many of my art pieces are greatly inspired by my cultural heritage and history. Since a young age, the celebration behind the Day of the Dead has always fascinated me. The meaning behind the holiday and the colors and decorations are beyond beautiful. Some of my favorite artists and inspirations growing up are Diego Rivera, José Guadalupe Posada, and Carlos Amorales. I was inspired by the way they told Mexico's history going all the way back to the Aztecs.

The thing I love about graphic design is that it allows me to combine all of my interests into one. It allows me to help clients see their dreams and visions come true. Living in a digital world where everyone has a phone and access to the internet there's no better way to teach people and help make a difference then by creating works of art that can be shared online.

Kiara Ruth Tomlinson

Spring 2020 Senior Exhibition

I am an aspiring graphic designer, multimedia producer, and most importantly, an artist. I have a strong passion for art and began drawing at a young age, slowly but surely honing my skills in illustration. Growing up, I have always had a fascination with technology, especially production media. I used various editing software to generate ideas and tried to push the boundaries of what I could do in each program.

For my senior project, I chose to create mascots for a fictitious brand I made called Ocha Kombucha. Ocha is a healthy yet trendy kombucha drink. I created the brand, logo, bottle labels, multi-p ack carrier and an advertising campaign spanning various forms of media. The mascots are prime examples of the digital art I have been creating. The figures complement and enrich the Ocha Kombucha brand identity and packing. The style was inspired by simple, machine-elegant and bold illustrations of Lotta Nieminen.

I strive to show versatility through my work while developing a distinguishable style that speaks to others. I personally believe that design is a matter of problem-solving and innovation that can bring endless possible outcomes.

Mary Milliken

Spring 2020 Senior Exhibition

As an artist I want to create works of art that inspires people to create new things. My goal is to have my viewers to think outside the box and wonder about the world around them. I want to inspire people like great artists have inspired me. These great artists have created worlds like the ones in films and books.

As a child, I loved pretending to be a part of those worlds. When I watched the Star Wars movies for the first time, I could not help but imagine myself in them. I loved, and still love, the whole idea of space traveling to unique planets and Jedi knights fighting for peace in a far-away galaxy. When I started playing video games as a teenager many new worlds were revealed. My cousins introduced me to my favorite game called Shadow of the Colossus. This game made me want to do concept art. The colossi that I love the most is Quadratus because of the beauty of the design of it. It makes me think of a dog made of the earth. The game design of Shadow of Colossus is wonderful. The graphics of the game on the PlayStation 2 were above its time. This video game inspired me to create new characters, creatures, and environments.

As time went on, I expanded this vision beyond video games into visual communication and decided to become a graphic designer as they instill change in people through their work. I want to work for colleges and universities because I want to help create materials that promote and support education. So this is why I want to be a graphic designer, to inspire others