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Modern Languages and Literature
Traci Roberts-Camps
Department Chair
3601 Pacific Ave.
Stockton, CA 95211

Summer Immersion Programs


Italian flag

Live from Assisi Italy!

Experience full immersion through our online platform
Tour Italy from home while learning Italian

First-Year First Semester Italian (4 semester units) JUNE 1-26.

First-Year Second Semester Italian (4 semester units) JUNE 29-JULY 24.

$1425 per 4-unit course.

For more information contact Prof. Susan Giraldez 


Our department is well known throughout the University for its signature summer immersion programs, in which students have the opportunity to study in Italy, or China for six to eight weeks over the summer. Students can earn up to a semester's worth of foreign language credit while surrounding themselves with the culture of their host countries and forging indelible memories.

Study abroad is an opportunity that we encourage all of our students to pursue to further their exploration of their target language. Students, alumni, members of the community and students from other universities are welcome to join us on these exciting adventures, which include travel to famous historic sites and total immersion in the target language culture.

These affordable programs will improve your fluency in the most authentic and effective way. As many participants put it: "This is a life-changing experience!"

Assisi, ItalyAssisi, Italy

In this program, students stay in the beautiful Umbrian hill town of Assisi, home of Saint Francis. They will receive 140 hours of intensive small-group instruction with highly trained native speakers. During their stay, they reside in shared apartments with kitchens.



Students in ChinaShanghai, China

To enhance students' global experience and competitiveness, a new 6-week program is being offered in Shanghai and Beijing. The program includes two courses taught by faculty from University of the Pacific. It features field studies, cultural activities, visits to major business and finance institutions and interacts with successful American business entrepreneurs and organizations in China. Through the summer program, students can earn 8 units and gain highly valuable global experience in the most economically vibrant and prosperous cities in the world!