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Senior Art & Design Exhibition

Senior Art & Design Exhibition
1:00 – 4:00 PM
Reynolds Gallery

Artist Title
Eliana Cetto Silent Stories
Adrienne Ross Define the Line: Its Not Just a Phase
Brandi Young Happily Ever After? The commercialization of fairy tails and The shaping of feminine identity
Hareem “Ziyara”
Susannah Pilcher 99.5% Recyclable”, “424 Tubes on the Wall” “You Can Learn an Awful Lot from the Flowers”
Minh Ho “In the Shadow of a Crisis”, “When Your Hero Falls” “It Will Not Last”, “Why This, Why That?”
Jessica A. Herrera “Transfiguration I”, “Path to the Place Above” “Transfiguration II”
Valerie Grissom “Christine”, “Jasmine”, “Bill”, “Cotton”
Chris Baum “13 lbs.”, “Heart Attack”, “Bus Commuters”, “Wasted”
Kacie Draeger “Coyote and I Embark”, “Coyote is Always Hungry” “Sky Dome”, “Early Morning, “I am Shiriki”
April Ledbetter
Lisa Tran “Lidded Jar Forms”, “Lidded Box Forms”, “Nuka Plate” “Flashed Pitcher”, “Stacked Lidded Jar”