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English Department
Wendell Phillips Center 151
Cynthia Dobbs
Department Chair
3601 Pacific Ave.
Stockton, CA 95211

Student Voices

Read what some of our students have to say about the English major at Pacific:

“English classes at Pacific have taught me how to clearly communicate my ideas. The English major opens up so many doors for job opportunities as well. I like that my professors are passionate about what they are teaching and attentive to my individual strengths and weaknesses.”

Caitlin K.

“Pacific has given me the opportunity to really get to know my professors and other students in my classes. Because of the small class sizes, learning has been very personal and based on quality relationships and experiences. I like my professors’ genuine desire to inspire me and encourage me to grow.”

Emily F.

“I was accepted into many large schools in Southern California, but coming from a small high school, I knew how important/rewarding it was to have small classes and a good relationship with your professor. English is awesome!”

Alex H.

“Pacific is focused on individual students—I know all my teachers and they know me. I’m glad to be an English major because frankly, I couldn’t imagine being this happy in any other major.”

Melanie H.

“Every English professor has always supported my personal academic growth, encouraging me to pursue independent research projects that suit my interests. I just finished an independent research course on my favorite director, Martin Scorsese, and I’m taking my paper on him to a conference in April!”

Nicole M.

“Being stuck in a classroom with 60 other students, with the teacher not really knowing who I am, is why I didn’t go to a UC school. In an English class at Pacific there are 10-20 people, and when I’m finished with a class my teacher knows me and would be able to write an appropriate recommendation. The English professors here are some of the most energetic, knowledgeable, fun, and approachable teachers I have ever met. They are the kind of professors that I feel I can be 100% open with, be myself, and even see myself looking up to as the kind of teacher I’d like to become some day. The professors also care about you, and will push you to do your best work.”

Misha M.