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Benerd College
For Degree and Credentialing: 209.946.2683 For Professional Development: 209.946.2424 For Sacramento Programs: 916.340.6155

3601 Pacific Ave. Stockton, CA 95211
3200 Fifth Ave. Sacramento, CA 95817


Introduction to Personal Creativity
1 Academic Unit  $155
You'll be surprised at how creative you can be! You'll review the major academic thinking on creativity, as well as learn how to unlock the creativity within yourself through a series of fun activities and techniques. See how high creativity can take you!

Course Code: XMDE 030

Creativity in Teams and Organizations
1 Academic Unit  $155
When you work in groups, do you have a hard time coming up with new ideas? Drawing on the latest academic thinking, you'll learn the key factors for developing creative teams that generate fresh ideas. Discover what creativity can do for you and your teams!
Prerequisite: Intro to Personal Creativity

Course Code: XMDE 031

Innovation in Organizations
1 Academic Unit  $155
Apple, Google, and 3M are companies that often lead the way in corporate innovation. How do they do it? You'll review the latest academic advancements on innovation, including Clay Christensen's seminal thinking on disruptive technology and the proper response. Come learn the tools needed for innovation and see how far you can go!
Prerequisite: Intro to Personal Creativity

 Course Code: XMDE 032

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Each of these classes requires a textbook. There is one copy available in the Pacific library on reserve and one copy for check out. All courses must be completed within 6 months of start date.

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