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Outstanding Students




These Chemistry students not only exhibit academic excellence, but also serve as examples of the mission of College of the Pacific. They have excelled in the classroom and beyond, whether it's through multiple degrees, research, study abroad or service to their communities. They are the epitome of excellence and champions of the liberal arts. Take a glimpse at some of the Chemistry department's outstanding students:

Marcos Beltran-Sanchez

Marcos Beltran-Sanchez (Class of 2016)

Marcos Beltran-Sanchez is graduating with a BS in Chemistry. He is a recipient of the Gilman Scholarship, which will fund his intensive language study in Tokyo, Japan. Following graduation, Marcos hopes to work in either government or private research doing drug development on neurological diseases and disorders. Learn more about Marcos>>





Alec Follmer

Alec Follmer (Class of 2014)

Alec Follmer is graduating with a BS in Bio-Chemistry. He is a former president of Alpha Chi Sigma, the national Chemistry society, and has conducted undergraduate research on the gas-phase acidity and basicity of organic molecules. Following graduation, he will attend UC Irvine's doctoral biochemistry program. Learn more about Alec>>