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Bulk Mailing


All Bulk Mailing projects must be sent through the Mail Room and must be accompanied by a completed  Adobe Bulk Mailing Request Form and a sample of the final draft of the piece begin mailed to ensure adherence to USPS regulations, avoid potential fines or the possible suspension of the University's permit.  Address Service Requested is also required for bulk mailings to ensure that the University's mailing lists are cleansed and updated with the current USPS address.

Please allow a minimum of 10 days to correctly process the bulk mailings. Processing entails receiving the Bulk Mail Request form, accessing the product and processing the mailing list through the system.

Bulk mailing can be divided into two categories:

Non profit (Standard Mail)

There is a minimum of 200 pieces to qualify for Non-profit mailings. Mailing cannot contain products or advertising at a Non Profit rate. Using Non Profit mailing has a stricter guideline and must have Mail Room approval prior to having the Non-Profit indicia printed on material. - USPS (Section 703.1.0 DMM)

Pre-Sort (First-Class Mail)

There is a minimum of 500 pieces to qualify for Pre-Sort First-Class mailings. Pre-Sort First-Class has many of the same rules and regulations as Pre-Sorted Standard mail, but there are many advantages Pre-Sort mailing can offer. It can be delivered in a faster time frame, 1-3 days (local) not like Non-Profit, and it has a week delay before it can be delivered. 


  1. Department submits a Bulk Mailing Request Form and a copy of mail piece

              If Mail Room is addressing the mail piece, please refer to procedure for Mailing Lists for proper naming, saving and transmitting the mailing list to the Mail Room

Mail Room reviews form and mailing and issues a reference number if mailing is ready to proceed

  1. If more information is required, Mail room will contact the originator
  2. Submitter receives an invoice number from Mail Room via e-mail which will be used on all billings related to mailing
  3. Mailing is prepared following Preparation of Bulk Mailing guidelines below
  4. Mail is picked up by Mail Room according to instructions on mailing form or if prior arrangements have been made is delivered to a third-party vendor for mailing

Preparation of Bulk Mailings

  • No personal notes on outside or handwritten adjustments to address
  • Envelope flaps must be up if they need to be sealed

Only University envelopes with full University return address (including department) in upper left-had corner may be used