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Honors Programs of Distinction

Pacific's four honors programs of distinction give high-achieving students the opportunity to be part of a tight-knit community of learners who are passionate about discovering and living out their purpose. Through academic and career mentorship, research, leadership development, social events, community service and other special experiences, honors scholars benefit from a personalized network of support that enhances their time at Pacific and prepares them well for life after graduation.

Freshmen students

Freshman Honors
Students in Pacific's Freshman Honors Program are part of an intellectual community of students who live, learn and discover new interests together. The program hosts a research seminar series featuring Pacific's engaging professors and provides access to a wide variety of co-curricular activities, including community service, sports, visual and performing arts, media and culinary arts. Scholars are encouraged to live in the honors community in John Ballantyne Hall, where they benefit from friendships with other top-performing students and direct support from faculty and staff who have offices there.
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Students at a museum

Humanities Scholars
Students in the Humanities Scholars Program are considered for a $3,000 renewable scholarship award. Through guaranteed internships, scholars gain professional work experience by applying the skills they gain from their liberal arts education. In addition, the program provides enrichment opportunities through events such as world premiere theater and opera performances, art exhibitions, concerts and lectures. Humanities Scholars pursue original research and creative projects while cultivating a deep appreciation for literature, philosophy, languages and the visual and performing arts. The program gives students the option to earn their bachelor's degree in just three years by completing an accelerated track.
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Legal students and instructor

Legal Scholars
Students who participate in the Legal Scholars Program are considered for a $3,000 renewable scholarship award. The program offers a rigorous introduction to the nuances of the law and justice system and unique opportunities to interact with high-ranking members of the legal community. Students interested in a career outside of the legal field benefit from developing leadership skills as well as an understanding of how their chosen profession intersects with the law. Scholars may attend a summer law class in Salzburg, Austria to learn from United Nations lawyers and professors from Pacific's McGeorge School of Law. Those seeking a law degree may choose the accelerated option and earn their bachelor's and juris doctorate (JD) degrees in six years (3+3 track) or seven years (4+3 track).
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Powell scholars

Powell Scholars
The Powell Scholars Program is Pacific's premier academic merit award, providing participants with $42,000/year for four years, as well as one-time awards of up to $5,000 for research and creative projects and up to $2,500 for study abroad. Designed to cultivate future leaders, the Powell Scholars Program is a community of students representing more than 25 different majors, all of whom are committed to making the world a better place. Students selected for this program receive extensive mentoring within and beyond their academic discipline, as well as unique opportunities to serve others both locally and globally.
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