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Student Life Assessment

Student Life Assessment: Assessing the Impact of Student Learning

For 12 years, Planning and Assessment has ensured that services provided to students facilitate their learning and allow them to be successful. To view a year-by-year analysis of Division progress in assessment of student learning in Student Life programs and services, click here. We are committed to planning and aligning the outcomes of programs and activities beyond the classroom to university-wide and accreditation-based core competencies: critical thinking, oral communication, written communication, quantitative reasoning, and information literacy, as shown here.

Assessment of student learning outcomes in Student Life at Pacific is holistically driven, and strengthened by collaboration and cross departmental communication. We collaborate with Institutional Research for data management and reporting purposes. Our co-curricular services provided to students are grounded in our mission and are strengthened by intentionally using assessment results and recommendations to improve student learning. Thus, assessment is critical to division and university processes. Being culturally responsive is key, and you can find essential culturally responsive resources here


For all department assessment models click here.

AOD visual
Longitudinal Study of Student AOD Use

Pathways visual
Tiger Pathways Assessment

leadership visual
Integrated Leadership and
Critical Thinking Assessment


Ethical Principles We Use When Assessing Our Programs:
• Respecting autonomy
•  Doing no harm
•  Benefiting others
•  Being just
•  Being faithful    

Annual Assessment Cycle
The Division of Student Life uses an annual cycle for planning, prioritizing and assessing student learning through program-specific outcomes, to gauge the effectiveness of our programs and services and to measure the learning results for the students we serve. Click here to view the The Planning and Assessment Cycle.

Assessment Committee for Student Life
The Assessment Committee for Student Life (ACSL) leads the division in its commitment to creating and cultivating a culture of assessment, and to promoting best practices in the field, such as the AAHE assessment principles which can be found here

Rhonda Bryant  Associate Vice President for Student Life / Dean of Students
Tom Vecchione  Assistant Vice President and Executive Direcotr for Career Development, Career Resource Center 
Daniel Nuss Director, Services with Students with Disabilities 
Shannon Edminster Assistant Director, Career Advancement and Success 
Kori Jones Coordinator, Community Involvement Program 
Laura Whiteley Assistant Director of Competitive Sports and Facilities 
Sandra Mahoney Chair 

Meet the Department

Sandy Mahoney

Dr. Sandra Mahoney, Executive Director

Webinar by Student Life Planning and Assessment:

webinar picture