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Mission Statement

Pacific Music Camp is a community of professional musicians, educators and Conservatory faculty and students dedicated to the development of musical skills in junior and senior high school musicians through performance and classroom experiences.  

Our mission includes ·       

  • mentoring youth in a way that fosters the highest levels of musical excellence      
  • providing experiential learning experiences for Pacific students and Alumni to further their education and career preparation     
  • offering enhanced teaching challenges for Pacific faculty through work with students possessing a wide range of abilities        
  • providing youth with an on-campus learning environment that serves as a prelude to the higher education experience       
  • promoting the arts in the community through free concert presentations      
  • affordability through financial assistance to families in need      
  • strengthening ties with k-12 music educators throughout California and beyond      
  • serving as an example of music education advocacy through our high quality programs taught by outstanding faculty