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Routing Sheet and Internal Review

Step 3: Institutional Routing, Review & Approvals
A series of approvals is needed from the administrative officials who are responsible for the various activities prior to the submission of the proposal to the funding agency.

A PRE-PROPOSAL GRANT CONCEPT FORM should be submitted to the Office of Sponsored Programs 15 working days before the grant deadline (this form is not necessary for contracts and MOUs).  It should be e-mailed to the Grants and Research Specialist, with a cc: to the department chair and school/college dean.  

Pacific has implemented a new University-wide Contracts and Grants Signature Authority Policy effective July 1, 2010. This policy provides guidelines for the appropriate delegation of signature and approval authority for all contracts and grants entered into by the University of the Pacific and related requirements for all contracts and grants of any nature.

The Routing Sheet for Grants and Contract Proposals is the mechanism used to assure all required institutional endorsements have been obtained so that the University can accept funds for the intended project or purpose.

When to use the Routing Sheet
Any grant or contract project that is solicited or accepted from a source outside the University by an employee of the University is to be processed with the Routing Sheet.  

The routing sheet should not be used for:
• Gifts (see Gift vs. Grant Policy, Policies link)
• Intramural funding (e.g., Eberhardt Awards, etc.).
• Fellowships (e.g., Fulbright Awards).

Institutional Review and Approvals
At the time of submission, all assurances should have been obtained, and the PI and their dean should have signed the routing sheet.

The Principal Investigator should bring the Routing Sheet, the completed proposal, and any applicable RFPs to the Office of Sponsored Programs at least five (5) working days prior to the deadline for submission to the granting agency.
The Grants and Research Specialist will review the proposal for assurance to institutional policies. This individual will also, if requested, edit the proposal and act as liaison with the sponsor regarding any unclear items.

If the proposal is directed to a corporation or foundation, the Grants and Research Specialist will obtain the approval of the Director for Foundation & Corporate Development, who assures that there are no conflicts.

The Sponsored Programs Accountant will next review the proposal, assuring that the financial information is correct, and that indirect cost requests and matching funds are appropriate. Adherence to the sponsors’ budget guidelines is also affirmed.

The Office of Sponsored Programs, as a final step, obtains the approval of the Associate Provost for Research & Collaborative Programs, or their designated representative. Additional signatory and/or legal review may be required, per the guidelines.