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    Sacramento City College

    Catalog Year: 2008-2009

    University of the Pacific Course
    (Title, Dept. Prefix, Number)
    Sacramento City College
    (Title, Dept. Prefix, Number)
    Principals of Financial Accounting
    BUS 31
    Financial Accounting
    ACCT 301
    Principles of Managerial Accounting
    BUS 33
    Managerial Accounting
    ACCT 311
    Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
    BUS 53
    Business Law
    BUS 340
    Public Speaking
    COMM 27
    COMM 301
    Computer and Information Process
    COMP 25
    Introduction to Computer Science
    CISC 310
    Introductory Microeconomics
    ECON 53
    Principles of Economics
    ECON 304
    Introductory Macroeconomics
    ECON 55
    Principles of Economics
    ECON 302
    Principles of Economics Honor
    ECON 480
    Engl 25
    College Composition and Literature
    ENGWR 301
    Advanced Composition and Critical Thinking
    ENGWR 302
    Probability and Statistics
    MATH 37
    Introduction to Probability and Statistics
    STAT 300
    Introduction to Probability and Statistics Honors
    STAT 480
    Introductory Finite Math and Calculus
    MATH 45
    Calculus for Business and Economics
    MATH 340
    MATH 350: Calculus - Life & Social Science I