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Degree Program

Major requirements

Candidates for the M.S. degree in biological sciences must hold a bachelor’s degree which includes the equivalent of the baccalaureate program in biology at the University of the Pacific. 

Candidates holding the bachelor’s degree with a major in fields other than biology may be accepted provided deficiencies in biology are made up. 

The minimum requirements for the M.S. degree are 32 units. 

Requirements for fulfilling the components of the M.S. program are shown below:

  • Four graduate courses  (courses labeled 200 and above)

    • 16 units
    • only one of which may be cross-listed with an undergraduate course and excluding Research and Independent Study
  • Three electives (courses numbered 100 and above)

    • 9-12 units
    • these courses can be undergraduate level courses
  • Research and/or Independent Study

    • 4-6 units
  • Thesis

    • 2-4 units

Full-time students

The course load of a full-time student is 8 units/semester or 16 units/year. 

Some students enroll in less than the 8 units/semester and are considered part-time students.