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And Justice For All (Honors)

8:00 Seminar

What obligations do citizens owe each other? What obligations does society owe its citizens? “And Justice for All” will explore the complex relationship between the rule of law and the good society. This course is designed to explain the law through the same case-briefing method used in all major law schools. By learning how to “think like a lawyer,” students will develop an understanding of how the law is organized, applied, and the particular moral and philosophical issues that are raised in the context of legal dispute. During each class students will converse with their colleagues to figure out readings, delve into the intricacies of complex legal problems, create and refine arguments, objections and refutations.  In order to really learn about the law and its relation to a good society we have to apply the legal method of thinking in real world situations.  Class time will be spent analyzing relevant legal cases, applying jurisprudential theories, and practicing arguments. You should have ample opportunity to develop and demonstrate strong listening, thinking and speaking skills.  The course will be divided into an introductory overview and three sections. The first section will concern obligations which arise under civil law. The second section will cover obligations which arise under criminal law. The final section of the course will concern the obligations that society owes its citizens- constitutional law.