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Drama and Community

8:00 Seminar

More than any literary genre, drama is about connecting-it's about people getting together, about sharing, about communication. In this community-based learning section, we'll focus on how writers over the centuries have put plays to work for society by portraying social good, satirizing negative behavior, or promoting specific political changes. In short, we'll see how playwrights take themes you covered in PAC I-education, family and civil society, politics, law, and citizenship-and bring them to life on the stage. You'll have a chance to select at least one of the plays on the syllabus, and course discussions will be tailored around the class's specific interests. We'll cover plays addressing broad topics from politics to race, religion, gender, and class, as well as specific topics like Chicano labor movements and the current war on terrorism. Schedule permitting, we'll also see a local performance of at least one play. Since this is a community-based learning section, you'll choose a local non-profit organization whose mission interests you and, as a member of a group, you'll carry out a community service project that in some way involves drama. This is a very flexible assignment, so the choice will be yours!