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Your Health Is In Your Hands

8:00 Seminar

This course focuses on current thought and practices available to consciously create our ideal levels of health and well being.  It accepts the multi-dimensional nature of “being human” and incorporates a holistic perspective for integrating our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual “selves.” Emphasis is placed on a re-conceptualization of health and well being, as well as of the mind-body relationship.
     Major areas explored include alternative health care systems (e.g. acupuncture, biofeedback, homeopathy, naturopathic thought, network chiropractics) and various types of energy and bodywork (e.g. chakra balancing, light therapy, sound therapy, massage, reflexology, reiki,).  Students will not only examine these specific healing practices, but will investigate their scientific credibility.  The relationship between these alternative practices and conventional health care within the United States will be explored.  Examples of main topics include:

1. The dynamics of energy, vibration, and health/healing
2. Balancing food, herbs, and supplements for a healthy lifestyle
3. Specific applied techniques for consciously creating a life of heath and well being
4. Critique of conventional health care within the United States

It is a fundamental tenet of the course that as individuals, we can each assume responsibility for our own levels of health and well being. Further, we have access to a host of natural health alternatives which potentially can compliment western medicine.
This course connects to the themes of education, thinking for oneself, and our human relationship to the natural world in Pacific Seminar 1.