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What's Up With the Climate? (Honors)

8:00 Seminar

Is Earth's climate heating up? Is human activity contributing to global climate change? Why should we be concerned? What should we do about it? These are questions that informed citizens need to be able to answer. The answers to these questions affect how a "good society" operates. The objective of this course is to address the science of climate change in general and global warming in particular. We will examine the factors that contribute to climate change and the evidence for past and present climate changes) . In addition we will investigate present and future impacts of global warming and consider how societies should address the issue. The primary objective is that students will be well enough informed about the science of climate change and global warming to be able determine fact from fiction and engage in informed debate about the policy implications. Students will write research papers on effects of and solutions to global warming. In addition students will work in groups to prepare for a mock global climate summit. This course elaborates on issues raised in the 4th Chapter of the Pacific Seminar I reader: Human Relation to the Natural World.