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    Interviews and Auditions

    Interviews or Auditions are required for some Majors and Programs at Pacific. The following programs are listed below.

    Auditions (Music Candidates Only)

    All students applying for degrees in the Conservatory of Music must contact the Conservatory to schedule an audition. Their phone number is 209.946.2415 or you can visit

    Interviews (Pacific Legal Scholars Program Candidates Only)

    Strong candidates applying for the Pacific Legal Scholars Program will be expected to complete an interview either on campus or by phone after the application is complete (items listed above have been received by the University of the Pacific). The Director of the program will contact prospective students for the interview during the spring semester.

    Interviews (Pacific Humanities Scholars Only)

    Strong Candidates applying for the Pacific Humanities Scholars Program will need to complete an interview with the Program Committee. Interviews ideally should take place on campus, but can also be completed via phone or Skype. Qualified candidates applying for Humanities-related majors may also be contacted by the Program Committee with an invitation to interview. The Program Administrative Assistant will contact prospective candidates to coordinate the interviews as applications are complete.