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President's Scholarship

Annual Award: $6,500

President's Scholarships are awarded to outstanding high school seniors who apply to University of the Pacific. All admitted freshmen are automatically considered. The FAFSA is not required. Applicants are considered individually, using a combination of high school performance, and standardized test results.

Renewal Requirements

To retain your scholarship, you must maintain full-time enrollment at Pacific in a bachelor's or pre-professional program, earn an overall University of the Pacific grade point average of 3.0 or above, and make satisfactory progress toward completion of your degree.  

Duration of Eligibility 

Academic scholarships received in the freshman year may be renewed for full-time enrollment in a bachelor's degree program for up to a total of four years (eight semesters) of scholarship support, or for Engineering students, up to five years (ten semesters).

These scholarships can only be applied to undergraduate coursework. As such, these scholarships cannot be applied to professional coursework in the School of Pharmacy, Dentistry, or Law.

If you are selected for more than one Pacific academic scholarships, with the exception of the Dean's and Pacific Scholarships, you will receive the most advantageous award.

Typical academic profile of students who are considered:

GPA:   3.61

SAT:   1208 (based on the Reading and Math scores only or an ACT composite score of 27)

For more information, please review  Scholarship Terms and Conditions.