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Health Requirements

Health Requirements

Prior to entry into the professional portion of the program (the final four- semesters), health requirements must be met and documentation submitted to the Cowell Student Health Center.

  • Medical Examination
    Following acceptance of a student for admission, a health form must be completed and returned. Also a medical history, a physical exam and the immunization record of the student must be on file with Pacific's Cowell Wellness Center. In accordance with California law, this information is confidential.
  • Measles, Rubella (German Measles), and Mumps
    Provide documentation of presence of positive titres. Documented vaccination with live attenuated measles and rubella virus is adequate. A history of measles and rubella as childhood diseases is not sufficient.
  • Tuberculosis
    Submit the report of a Mantoux tuberculosis skin test. With a history of tuberculosis OR a positive skin test, submit the physician’s report of a chest X-ray taken within the year prior to matriculation. Chest X-rays may be required at intervals, and suppressive medication may be recommended.
  • Hepatitis B
    Every dental student is required to submit documented proof of presence of antibodies to the Hepatitis B virus or to complete the Hepatitis B vaccination series. It is recommended that this be done prior to matriculation; in all cases, however, it must be done before a student is allowed to treat patients. If a student does not have documented proof of having antibodies to this virus, the vaccination series is available at the school for a fee.
  • Tatanus Diphtheria Vaccination
    Within the past 10 years
  • Varivax (Chicken Pox)
    Provide documentation of 2 dose vaccination series or presence of titer if history of having chicken pox.

Inquiries about health requirements and supporting documentation are handled through the Cowell Student Health Center (209) 946-2315.

The School of Dentistry will not deny admission to the program to any person based on the presence of bloodborne disease.