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Office of the President
University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

September 25, 2007

University of the Pacific
Minutes, September 25, 2007
Library Community Room

Call to Order:  2:03 p.m.

Present: Brodnick, Cox, Foster, Frederick, Gilbertson, Griego, King, Klunk, Leland, Schmidt, Speer, Swagerty, Williams

Not Present:  Byl, Cavanaugh, Dodson, Itaya, Lackey, Perrot

Special Guests: MarnaCooper

Minutes: Minutes of September 11th approved.

Standing Reports: n/a

Current Agenda Items:
Chaplain Program
No additional resources were necessary for our new chaplain.  Four recommendations from the committee on page 2 of the report were:

1.) Strengthen community connections
2.) Clarify and animate the role and work of the Interfaith Council and social justice organizations and their relationship with the University Chaplain
3.) Provide additional venues for the Chaplain and
4.) Collaboration with Multicultural Affairs

Student Life is planning on hiring someone with financial expertise to oversee wedding services.
A few questions were raised regarding students concerns regarding diversity on the campus (ex: racial, ethnic, programming and administration) and their beliefs or different beliefs.  Our new chaplain, Rev. Donna has a high interest regarding diversity and implementation of an all faith chapel services. Gilbertson would like to see Rev. Donna fulfill the mission and direction of the University as it relates to Pacific Rising, item number 4; to exercise a plan as it relates to strategic planning.

There are a few details that are being addressed with Rev. Donna regarding her license in order to wed couples in the church.  Pacific will support Rev. Donna in her efforts.

FY09-10 Financial Budget:  Postponed for Oct. 16th meeting.

IPC Yearly Meeting Calendar:
Brodnick spoke on condensing IPC's meetings, the meeting structure and times.  It was suggested to meet once a month, second or third Tuesday of every month for two hours; starting in August and concluding in June with annual events. The changes were related to scheduling conflicts with Vice Presidents and to get the budget preparations (units) completed earlier than they have in years past. Documents would be distributed to members prior to the meetings with the intent of final review and/or approval at each meeting. Gilbertson and Brodnick will refine, possibly have a cabinet meeting regarding scheduling and processing requests for the committee.
US News World Report:  
Brodnick presented US News World report, he explained that even though their reports can be negative for universities, we are doing well based upon their reports.  Overall rankings for Pacific: 2.6 (3rd Tier average).  The report includes 250 institutions. We need a significant focus on reporting data for the university, especially categorizing.  We did set a record last year as the most total donors (21,000 addressable alumni), hoping to increase on annual funds.

Stockton faculty salary compared to the AAUP percentiles. Fall 1998, Stockton campus average 70th percentile and neared the 80th percentile last fall.  The result was that the Stockton campus averages for full professors fell below the AAUP 60th profile.

Faculty Salary Stockton Campus:
Brodnick submitted a Faculty Salary Norm Comparison Report to the committee. The report details average Stockton campus faculty salary compared to the CUPA cohort. 

Adjourned: 3:44 p.m.

Next meeting:  October 16th in the Library Community Room