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Health, Exercise, and Sports Sciences
Main Gymnasium
Mark VanNess
Department Chair
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Bachelor of Arts in Health, Exercise, and Sport Sciences with a Concentration in Sport Management

As a business, sport is an incredibly exciting industry. Not only is sport among the nation's top ten industries in the U.S., worth over $435 billion (Center for Sport Business and Research, 2012), but it is a dynamic industry that is often on the cutting edge of change.

The sport management program at Pacific believes that students are best prepared for careers in this industry through a contemporary curriculum and experiential learning. As such, the program's curriculum evolves in response to three tenets-standards set by the Council on Sport Management Accreditation, strategies used in by practitioners in the field, and research interests of Pacific's faculty. Experiential learning, in the form of internships and study abroad, provide immersive experiences that develop professional skills and connections as well as serve as a class to career bridge. Students will also have the opportunity to volunteer, visit stadiums, meet and network with alumni, and more to get a more immersive and well rounded experience to supplement coursework.

Follow us on Instagram at @Pacific_SportMgt to see more about what the students in our program are doing as well as follow periodical updates from our alumni on a feature we call #MondayAlumDay.

We're also live on Twitter at @PacificSportMgt.

Students from our program have worked in a variety of capacities for organizations including: 

  • Pacific Athletics
  • San Francisco Giants
  • Sacramento Kings
  • Golden State Warriors
  • San Jose Sharks
  • Houston Astros
  • Oakland A's
  • Stockton Heat
  • Stockton Ports

Pacific student meets former and current NBA commissioners while working as an intern with the Sacramento Kings

We also offer the chance to learn about sport around the world with our HESP 142-Sport Globalization class! Watch a video produced by students who went on the 2017 trip to England and Germany.

Students visit Puma Headquarters

Here's a look at the classes a sport management major would take here at Pacific: 

Note: The content posted here may not be up to date. Please see the latest General Catalog for current degree requirements and course listings.)

I. General Education Requirements
Minimum 42 units and 12 courses, including:

  • PACS 001 Pacific Seminar I: What is a Good Society?
  • PACS 002 Pacific II Topical Seminar
  • PACS 003 Pacific Seminar III: The Ethics of Family, Work, and Citizenship

Note: 1) Pacific Seminars cannot be taken for Pass/No Credit. 2) Transfer students with 16 or more transfer units complete 2 additional General Education elective courses from below in place of taking PACS 001 and 002.
One course from each subdivision below:

  • The Individual and Society
    • IA. Individual and Interpersonal Behavior
    • IB. U.S. Studies
    • IC. Global Studies
  • Human Heritage
    • IIA. Literature, Letters and Language
    • IIB. Fundamental Human Concerns
    • IIC. Practice and Perspective in the Visual and Performing Arts
  • Natural World and Formal Systems of Thought
    • IIIA. Life and Physical Laboratory Sciences
    • IIIB. Formal Systems of Thought
    • IIIC. Science, Technology, and Society
      or a second Life and Physical Laboratory Science

Note: 1) A complete list of the courses that satisfy the subdivisions above can be found in the front General Education section of this catalog and the online course search. 2) No more than two courses from a discipline may be applied to meet the requirements of the general education program.

II. College of the Pacific BA Requirement
a. One year of college instruction or equivalent training in a language other than English.
Note: 1) Transfer students with sophomore standing are exempt from this requirement.

III. Fundamental Skills
Demonstrate competence in: 

  1. Reading
  2. Writing
  3. Quantitative analysis

Note: 1) A detailed description of how you can satisfy the fundamental skills above can be found in the front General Education section of this catalog.

IV. Breadth Requirement

Complete 64 units outside the primary discipline of the first major, regardless of the department who offers the course(s) in that discipline (Including general education courses, transfer courses, CPCE/EXTN units, internships, etc.)

V. Major Requirements
Minimum 65 units, including:

  • HESP 101 Sport Data Analytics
  • HESP 139 Sport & Exercise Psychology
  • HESP 141 Sport, Culture, and U.S. Society
  • HESP 142 Sport Globalization
  • HESP 165 Sports Law
  • HESP 167 Introduction to Sport Management
  • HESP 169 Managing Sport Enterprises
  • HESP 171 Sport Economics and Finance
  • HESP 174 Sport Marketing and Promotions
  • HESP 175 Sport Facility and Event Management
  • HESP 176 Sport Management Capstone
  • HESP 187 Internship: Sport Management
  • BUSI 031 Principles of Financial Accounting
  • BUSI 107 Marketing Management
  • One of the following courses:
    • COMM 027 Public Speaking
    • COMM 043 Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
  • COMP 025 Computers and Information Processing
  • ECON 053 Introductory Microeconomics