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Event Support

The Custodial Department assists in the coordination, set-up and break down of special events which include meetings, dinners, celebrations, graduations and weddings.

Event Prep Steps

Students: Contact Student Activities, Office of Student Leadership & Involvement for all event related requests. Scheduling Services for student clubs and organizations.

  1. Reserve room
    Students - Contact Schedule Coordinator in the Office of Student Leadership & Involvement
    Faculty & Staff - Reserve room using the EMS room reservation system
    Outside groups - Contact University Conference and Event Services

  2. Complete FAMIS Work Request - Complete the FAMIS work request detailing what you would like set up, where and for how long. Items available for free or for rent are listed in the table below. Instructions for first-time FAMIS users. FAMIS FAQs.

  3. Submit diagram - Email diagrams indicating specific placement of items and room lay out to  For blank floorplans or for assistance creating a diagram to scale, contact the University Events Manager, Steve Whyte. Include the FAMIS Work Request ID number. A diagram is only needed for events that require specific placement of tables, chairs or other items.

  4. Request event related items from other departments - See table below for typical event items and where to get them.

          FAMIS logo

Items available for events and where to get them
Item Request From
AV equipment (microphone, projector, etc.) Audio Video Equipment Order Form
Banner backdrops FAMIS
Chairs FAMIS
Directional signs University Events Manager
Easels Student Life Office
Food (Bon Appetit uses compostable serviceware by default. If your event is catered, request compost bins in your Work Request) Bon Appétit Catering
Podium FAMIS
Tables FAMIS
Tables (tall bistro) Bistro Table Order Form
Tablecloths (typically ordered with catering order) Bon Appétit Catering
Waste bins (compost, recycle, landfill) FAMIS
Waste bin monitors (Green Team) Sustaining Pacific
*The following items are rented. Requestors will be contacted by the Custodial Manager with a quote for requested items. Quote approval is required before requested equipment is officially reserved.   
Canopy* FAMIS
Tables & chairs (more than the university has on hand)* FAMIS
Tent*  FAMIS