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Bachelor of Arts in History

To satisfy the requirements of the Bachelor of Arts in History, students must take a minimum 45 units and 12 courses from the following list. When freshmen, students take HIST 001: Chair's Seminar 1; when sophomores, students must take HIST 070: Historical Imagination. Seniors must take HIST 160: The Capstone (Pacific History Seminar). 

All students must complete the General Education requirement of the University, and the Breadth Requirement of the College. For a full list of the College and University requirements, as well as the most current listing of major requirements, please visit the General Course Catalog.

1) Majors are required to complete the foundation requirement, in sequence, in their freshman year or within a year of transfer or declaration of major if comparable courses have not been taken at another institution. 
2) Special Topic and Independent Study courses may satisfy category requirements with departmental approval.

Select one of the following groups:        

Group A

  • HIST 010 Western Civilization I     
  • HIST 011 Western Civilization II   

Group B

  • HIST 020 United States History I  
  • HIST 021 United States History II

Group C

  • HIST 030 East Asian Civilization I  
  • HIST 031 East Asian Civilization II 

Group D

  • HIST 040 Colonialism in Latin America       
  • HIST 041 The Problem with Latin America               

Group E

  • HIST 050 World History I 
  • HIST 051 World History II

Select one of the following global and transnational courses:      

  • HIST 060 A History of Medicine   
  • HIST 061 Global History of Food  
  • HIST 062 History of Warfare          
  • HIST 065 Women and War             
  • HIST 139 Borderlands      

Select one of the following Environment and Science courses:  

  • HIST 052 John Muir's World: Origins of the Conservation Movement         
  • HIST 063 History of Science and Technology          
  • HIST 136 American Environmental History              
  • HIST 167 Gender in the History of Science/Medicine/Technology               

Select one of the following pre-modern Europe or classics courses:        

  • HIST 100 Renaissance and Reformation   
  • HIST 101 Tudor and Stuart England            
  • HIST 102 The Spanish Empire       
  • HIST 105 History of Ancient Greece           
  • HIST 106 History of Ancient Rome              

Select one of the following 20th century Europe courses:            

  • HIST 111 Europe in Turmoil 1900-1945      
  • HIST 112 History of the Holocaust              
  • HIST 113 Europe Since 1945          
  • HIST 114 Modern Germany          
  • HIST 119 History Goes to Hollywood         

Select one of the following Early North America courses:              

  • HIST 120 Native American History              
  • HIST 123 Civil War Era      
  • HIST 124 History of the American West   
  • HIST 125 Early America: From Settlement to New Nation

Select one of the following United States courses:          

  • HIST 130 History of California       
  • HIST 132 American Immigration  
  • HIST 133 Women in United States History              
  • HIST 134 African-American History            
  • HIST 135 Women in Time and Place           
  • HIST 137 His-panic" USA 

Select one of the following Asia courses:              

  • HIST 140 Southeast Asia and the West     
  • HIST 141 Pre-Modern China to 1840          
  • HIST 142 Modern Chinese History              
  • HIST 143 Japan in War and Peace               
  • HIST 144 Contemporary China    

Select one of the following Latin America courses:          

  • HIST 040 Colonialism in Latin America       
  • HIST 041 The Problem with Latin America               
  • HIST 150 Women in Latin America              
  • HIST 151 People's History of Mexico