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Religious Studies Faculty Directory


Alan Lenzi, 2006, Professor and Chair - Phone: 209.946.2292 - Office: WPC Annex 147

George Randels Jr., 1996, Professor - Phone: 209.946.2969 - Office: WPC Annex 144

Tanya Storch, 2000, Professor - Phone: 209.946.2533 - Office: WPC Annex 145


Dylan Zorea, Visiting Lecturer

Faculty Books

The books featured here were authored by Religious Studies faculty members.

Contemporary Bioethics Secrecy and the Gods Buddhist Based Universities in the United States
Ludlul bel nemeqi Religions and Missionaries around the Pacific, 1500-1900. Author: Tanya Storch Japan Under Snow. Author: Tanya Storch
 Akkadian Literature


Robert W. Blaney, 1966, Professor Emeritus – 1996, Email Link for Robert W. Blaney Email

Martha W. Bowsky, 1984, Professor Emerita - 2014 email Email

Lynn Kraynak, 1987, Professor Emerita - 2012, Email Link for Professor Lynn Kraynak Email 

Lawrence Meredith, 1966, Professor Emeritus – 1999, Email Link for Lawrence Meredith Email

Gilbert  W. Schedler, 1967, Professor Emeritus – 2004, Email Link for Gilbert Schedler Email