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For students in the College a liberal arts education is not a mere addition to a professional or graduate degree, but rather its foundation.

Our students are able to command a broad perspective in their professional careers, are committed to the welfare of their communities and are well prepared to assume the responsibilities of leadership.

Mission Statement

The founding school of the University, College of the Pacific (1851) educates all students by combining a rigorous liberal arts curriculum with opportunities to develop engaging partnerships in business, education, engineering, health sciences, law, and music. Supported by faculty committed to personalized education, the College champions experiential learning through undergraduate research and creative activity, fieldwork, internships, and study abroad. College of the Pacific challenges students and faculty to cultivate and exercise intellectual curiosity and conviction in the pursuit of meaningful personal and professional lives.

Experience Our Personal, Student-Centered Approach

At many larger universities and colleges, students often get "lost" during their first year. We work hard to prevent that from happening in the College of the Pacific by providing one-on-one faculty advising, small class sizes and accessible academic support services.

Close faculty-student relationships are characteristic of the College of the Pacific. Our faculty members take a personal interest in students' development throughout their university career and often stay in contact beyond graduation.

“One of the best things about going to Pacific is the faculty. They always make time to help students no matter how many papers they have to grade. If you are ever struggling or have questions, never hesitate to send them an email or stay after class to talk.”

Rachel Westerhoff, Psychology Major

Be Inspired by Our Faculty Scholars

Our faculty members are widely recognized for their innovative teaching practices. They are also known for their own cutting edge research and creative work in the arts, letters and sciences.

Choose from Flexible Degree Options

Many of our students double major, combine majors and minors, or even combine degrees across different schools at Pacific. The College of the Pacific offers 31 majors and 36 minors. And you can even design your own major or minor within the College. In all, over 80 undergraduate areas of study are available across the University of the Pacific's different schools and colleges.

Benefit from Our Renowned General Education Program

We encourage our first-year students to explore a variety of subjects through our nationally recognized general education program. Through the general education curriculum you will be exposed to all major areas of learning in the arts, letters and sciences, and have the opportunity to develop and refine:

  • Critical thinking skills
  • Written and oral communication skills
  • Ethical reasoning
  • Intercultural understanding

These are skills and qualities that enrich any career path, and that give our alumni a real competitive edge over students trained in narrower programs.

Gain Practical Experience

Students will find many opportunities to gain real-world experience through a variety of placements in internships, fieldwork and research projects. This experience outside of the classroom helps prepare students for professional or graduate school, and gives them an edge when starting their careers.