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National Commission Report

Introduction to The National Commission on the Next Level of Excellence

University President Donald V. DeRosa convened the National Commission, a panel of professional, business, and community leaders, many alumni of the University of the Pacific, to work with administrators, faculty, and students from the University’s three campuses to formulate recommendations that would provide a basis for developing a plan for the University to achieve the next level of excellence in student learning, faculty accomplishments, and resources. The objectives of the University in convening the Commission were to:

  • Improve the public position of Pacific as a top comprehensive university in the West and elevate it solidly into the “second tier” of national universities in the U.S. News and World Report ranking.
  • Determine areas of current and potential academic distinction.
  • Increase the involvement of alumni, parents, and friends in the life of the university.
  • Assess resource needs for achieving a higher level of distinction.

The Commission was convened in 2000 and issued its report in January 2001. This progress report on the achievements of the University community regarding each of the recommendations of The National Commission on The Next Level of Excellence as of Fall 2004 was compiled by Jean Purnell, Assistant Provost for Assessment and Administration.

The following are links to the sections of the document:

 Overall Summary of Achievements as of Fall 2004

 Highlights of the University's Achievements in Response to National Commission Recommendations, Fall 2005

Panel Reports:

 Members of the National Commission on the Next Level of Excellence