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Discover Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry is part of the College of the Pacific - the oldest academic unit of the University of the Pacific. Currently, our department is composed of 12 faculty members, adjunct/visiting faculty, ~22 graduate students, and 1 administrative assistant. Our faculty members are research-active scholars who take the task of teaching very seriously at the same time. Many courses offered by the department include laboratory components taught by graduate students (M. S. or Ph. D. candidates).

Research Opportunities (B.S., M.S., and Ph.D.)

Our department features a very research-active environment for students at different stages of academic training. The department has external research grants from multiple funding agencies as well as paid summer research internships through the Endowed Stauffer Fund of $1M.

Students earning a Chemistry or Biochemistry degrees at Pacific can expect to receive training in all practical laboratory skills, analytical techniques, computational methods, and in most of the current instrumental methods such as magnetic resonance and mass spectrometry. These skills give our students confidence and a competitive edge as they enter the workplace or pursue graduate degrees.


Unlike large universities, Pacific offers a student-centered learning experience. This holds true for the Department of Chemistry as well. Students majoring in Chemistry and Biochemistry will receive not only opportunities to develop a deep understanding of the subject, but they will be mentored by the faculty much more closely than at other universities.

Academic Flexibility

We encourage students to discover the program that fits them best. The degree program is designed with sufficient flexibility to allow a change in focus should this become desirable during the course of study. In addition, we encourage our majors to take advantage of the chance to work one-on-one with our faculty in research projects.

Making Lasting Friendships

Our students can also participate in the activities that the Chemistry Fraternity (AXE) organizes. They include community outreach, fundraisers and chemistry demonstrations.