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Career Paths

The department offers programs of study that provide the psychology major with psychology-related employment opportunities directly upon receiving the Bachelor's degree. This involves specialization in a) applied behavior analysis which provides students skills to work with a variety of populations, or b) applications in business which provides students, in cooperation with the School of Business, skills in the use of psychological approaches in the personnel, training, and performance management areas of business and government.

Beyond personal development, the knowledge and skills acquired from a psychology degree have application to a wide variety of careers that students thrive in following graduation, including business, marketing, consulting, law, human resources, public health, social work, social policy, medicine, education, and the arts.

Our graduates have a strong knowledge base in the field of Psychology. In addition, we emphasize analytical, research and communication skills (oral and written), which are valued across a wide range of employment settings and graduate/professional programs.

  • Upon completion of their BS, graduates may work in fields such as social services, mental health, education and human resources.
  • Some of our graduates have used their degrees as springboards into a wide range of professions not directly related to Psychology, such as business, consulting, computer industries, public health, and library science.
  • Many of our BS recipients continue their education by seeking graduate degrees in psychology.

Our graduates have gone on to work at many outstanding institutions and organizations, including:

  • St. Jude's Brain Injury Network
  • Central Valley Autism Project
  • Santa Clara University
  • San Joaquin County Office of Education
  • The Wine Company
  • UTC Aerospace Systems
  • Frequentz