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Discover Geological & Environmental Sciences

Are you...
Looking to discover your potential? If you want to protect society, explore the Earth, understand the environment, work in your community or around the world, you belong in the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences. Our department takes a broad view of the Earth and offers courses that develop a scientific understanding of our planet, its history, natural systems, resources and recent global change. We offer rigorous degree programs in Geology and Environmental Science that will prepare you for successful careers. Students in our department are immersed in experiences driven by our hands-on approach to learning.

Get outdoors!
We build outdoor experiences into every class and facilitate abundant domestic and international travel opportunities. While many of these trips explore fascinating locations throughout California, we also offer trips that explore a much broader range of locations around our world. Our majors travel to a range of regional and international destinations, including Scotland, the Chilean Patagonia, Hawaii, the Colorado plateau, and a variety of locations throughout the west coast of North America. In the future, we hope to visit the Canadian Rockies, Cypress and even Iceland.

Many of our majors work closely with faculty on award-winning research projects that can take students to exotic geologic locales, including western Ireland, Japan, the ancient Appalachian Mountains of upstate New York, the Marshall Islands and the high Sierra Nevada.

Take an active role in your education!
We emphasize active, hands-on, field-oriented approaches to the study of the Earth. In addition to our dynamic courses, our department provides unparalleled student research opportunities and our students routinely publish their results. We also offer a wide variety of outreach and service opportunities and experiences.

Prepare for a successful career
We offer a range of degree options that support a wide range of high-demand career paths. To make our students even more competitive, our classes also integrate career-oriented professional development, including leadership training and advanced certifications in wilderness first aid and defensive driving. 

Throughout their studies, students in our department utilize a wide range of technology to enrich their experience, including a state of the art GIS computing facility and laboratories designed to explore water resources and water quality, soil functions, and deformation in the Earth's crust. Our building contains a mixture of modern classroom, laboratory and office spaces. We operate and maintain a range of specialized equipment for teaching- and research-related programs. We have five separate labs, each serving distinct scientific purposes.

Join our family!
We offer all this in a close, family-like community. Our department offers field-, lab- and lecture-based learning experiences that foster a close-knit community environment. Here, students and faculty interact in both formal and informal settings, which is the best way to explore the Earth.