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Kieran Holland
Department Chair
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211


Professor and students working on equipment

The Physics Department houses a number of unique facilities which students can use for undergraduate projects of interest to them. These include:

  • A 2.7 meter Radio Telescope located on the roof of Olson Hall. Students can use this telescope to map the density and velocity of hydrogen gas in the arms of the Milky Way galaxy and to study other aspects of radio astronomy.
  • A new 4.5 meter Radio Telescope will be built by the faculty with help from students in Summer 2018.
  • A 3-d Printer for use by faculty and students
  • A Vacuum Chamber used for advanced laboratory experiments in solid state and nuclear physics.
  • An advanced Optics Bench used for advanced laboratory experiments in optics, as well as fun projects such as creating holograms.