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Office of the President
University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

April 9 2003

University of the Pacific
Institutional Priorities Committee
Minutes, April 9, 2003
Taylor Conference Room

Members and guests present: Gilbertson (chair), Hewitt, Jacobson, Jones, King, Lundergan, Meer, Miller, Sina, Spreer, Stark

Absent: Cavanaugh, Hoverstad, Olson, Oppenheimer

Staff Present: Brodnick, Perro

The meeting was called to order at 2:15. Minutes of the April 2 meeting were approved as distributed.

Provost. Gilbertson announced that, in Oppenheimer's absence, Academic Resource Planning review of Pharmacy and Health Sciences would be postponed until next week. Stark noted a possible issue re: Deans who are also IPC members-will they participate in discussion of their own units? It was generally agreed that this should not be a problem, although an IPC member could be asked to leave a particular discussion, or other Deans could be invited to attend and participate.

Enrollment. Gilbertson noted that Profile Day was well attended; this annual event for admitted students and their families is a key indicator of yield. Brodnik reported that student attendance was up 28% over last year.

Budget/Facililties. Gilbertson and Perro announced that the Regents had adopted the proposed FY04 budget without question and noted several items for which funding had been approved:

New footbridge. (Federal funding is being sought to name the bridge after former San Francisco mayor George Moscone, who graduated from Pacific.) Moving the Raney Recreation Area to the present site of the Cuckler building. (The current site of the recreation area will be used as staging area during construction of the addition to WPC. The Cuckler building will be moved to the area north of the stadium.) McGeorge classroom refurbishment. Short-term financing for WAN improvement and the One-Card System.
Student Life. Sina announced that Mike Belcher, currently of the Stockton PD, will be the new Director of Public Safety. Sina also reported on an outbreak of flu which has affected numerous students and employees.

Brodnick led the review and discussion of data on current and proposed COP student/faculty ratios, strategic enrollment targets, and costs vs. contribution to the University budget. He stressed the importance of considering multiple indicators and data points when looking at a unit, as no single data point gives the whole picture. Key issues identified during the discussion include: include:

Definition of the College of the Pacific. The current integrated planning models have been developed with the assumption that COP will continue to be a degree-granting "liberal arts college" within the University, as opposed to a service unit for the professional schools.

Enrollment Plan. Growth/quality/diversity. Concern about profile (GPA and test scores) in some departments, low enrollment in some departments.

Costs. Basic operations may be underfunded, particularly in some departments. Important interdisciplinary programs are not funded.

Cost Allocation Model. What is the appropriate level of contribution? With regard to class size and other factors, what level of productivity/efficiency is compatible with providing an appropriate, high-quality learning environment?

Next meeting: April 16 (review of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Engineering, and ESB).

The meeting was adjourned shortly at 4:00 p.m.