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Office of the President
University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

February 5 2004

University of the Pacific
Minutes, February 5, 2004
Taylor Conference Room

Call to Order: 3:05

Present: Brodnick, Cavanaugh, Chi, Ensign, Gilbertson, Hanyak, Hoverstad, Jacobson, Meer, Miller, Olson, Perro, Richmond, Sina, Spreer

Not Present: Jones, King,

Minutes: Minutes of the January 15 meeting were reviewed, corrected and approved.

Standing Reports:

Gilbertson distributed the academic and administrative program review schedules. Several changes were noted. The Vice Presidents would review the schedules and suggest appropriate adjustments.

Current Agenda Items:

Campus Safety Budget Request Discussion

Sina stated that the number one priority in the safety initiative is the installation of cameras on campus. Vandalism and theft are continually at the top of the Public Safety Crime Summary. She also noted that parents have a strong concern regarding safety. Campus walks are scheduled at dark to determine areas that may be unsafe. There is also an organized subgroup currently working on the cost of the cameras.

Campaign Initiatives Budget Request Discussion

Meer noted that the top priority in the Campaign Initiative was the successful completion of the Biology building funding, so funding a second major gift officer for the College is the highest priority. Meer feels the need to form more alumni clubs, continue the Gala event, and hire a Public Relations Consultant. 

Diversity Budget Request Discussion

Gilbertson opened the discussion on diversity by summarizing ethnic student enrollment and persistence patterns in recent years. Much of the focus was on the need for University Cross-Cultural Training with faculty, staff and students. During this recruitment cycle, Pacific invited a group of at-risk students for an overnight stay here at the University and the enrollment yield was high. Gilbertson also mentioned that some of Pacific's minority students had the opportunity to travel to a conference which was a very positive experience. 

Sina explained the need to support ethnic student organizations through travel to regional and national conferences for leadership and organization development.

Next meeting: February 19, 2004

Meeting adjourned at 5:03