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Student Heather Walkover teaching students about the cello at a grade school program
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Music Education Department
Dr. Ruth Brittin
Music Education Program Director
Conservatory of Music
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Bachelor of Music in Music Education

Students pursuing a bachelor's degree in Music Education will combine their elementary and secondary methods courses with intensive fieldwork in public schools. They will observe and assist experienced music teachers in elementary, middle, and high schools, in both suburban and urban settings.

Throughout the junior and senior years, students participate in a weekly lab ensemble. They rotate through band, choral, and orchestra settings, playing secondary instruments and taking turns conducting each other. Students develop their own lessons and rehearsals, teach the class, and videotape themselves for self-critique. They also have an opportunity to work with guest ensembles from local schools by giving master classes, sight-reading, or leading rehearsals.

Classroom Experience

To earn the practical classroom experience for their teaching credential, Music Education students have three options:

1. Directed Teaching: Students may pursue traditional student teaching, working full-time under the direction of credentialed host music teachers in the public schools for an entire semester. In certain cases, undergraduates may also tie their Directed Teaching work to a master's degree in Music Education.

2. Traditional student teaching part-time for an entire semester, while completing one or two courses for the degree.

3. Internship: Students take an early summer course in which they teach in public school settings, study particular teaching methods, and intensively critique their work for improvement of their skills. Students then teach full-time for a year in a paid position, with supervision from their Pacific faculty and a site-support team from their school district.

Bachelor of Music in Music Education, Choral, 4-Year Grid
Bachelor of Music in Music Education, Instrumental, 4-Year Grid