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Music Therapy

To achieve certification, all music therapy students must also complete on-site clinical training as required by the American Music Therapy Association.  The student's interests, talents, and career goals are carefully considered when matching internships.  The needs of  the community are served through work in special education classrooms, mental health and developmental centers, nursing care facilities, and programs for at-risk youth.  Typically, a student works full-time for six months under the supervision of a board-certified musical therapist.  Many of these trainers are leaders in the profession, and share a wealth of  knowledge in such areas as pediatric or adult medicine, child development, special learners, autism, mental health, chemical dependency, forensic treatment, gerontology, wellness, or private practice and business development.  All internships are approved by the American Music Therapy Association.

The Conservatory has a high percentage of students that have successfully passed the Board-Certification exam.  We also continue to assist our graduates through networking and job opportunities.