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Pacific’s Conservatory announces $200,000 in Randall Behr music technology scholarships

University of the Pacific’s Conservatory of Music is honored to announce $200,000 in Randall Behr technology scholarships to assist all appropriately enrolled music students with a one-time award of up to $600 for fall of 2020. The Behr Technology Scholarships are intended to assist with the purchase of music-related technology needed to learn in online settings.

These awards are made available to Pacific Conservatory students thanks to a generous gift from Colleen Bare’s estate in memory of her son and Conservatory alumnus Randall Behr ’75, the celebrated opera conductor and educator.

The scholarships, offered to address the pressing financial needs of music students due to the disruption of campus operations from coronavirus, will be awarded to all Conservatory music majors appropriately enrolled for the fall semester of 2020. The awards will be distributed to students in October 2020, and will be granted at one of two levels:

  1. $600 scholarship for undergraduate students enrolled in 12 units or more, or graduate students enrolled in 9 units or more, at the time of Pacific’s fall 2020 census, October 1, 2020.
  2. $300 scholarship for undergraduate students enrolled in less than 12 units or graduate students enrolled in less than 9 units, at the time of Pacific’s fall 2020 census, October 1, 2020.

Students receiving the award agree to the following statements:

“In accepting this music-unit scholarship, I agree to use the funds for their intended purpose, to purchase music-related technology that will aid instruction in music classes in online settings. I will confer with the recommendations published on the Conservatory Canvas site and with my advisors to ensure that my purchases are appropriate for my major and music course work.”

“I will provide a brief online thank you note to the family whose gift made these awards possible.”

Note: Pacific will provide a link for students to add their signatures to the electronic thank you to the donors.

View recommended technology on the Canvas site.