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Morgan Lagomarsino, recruitment and outreach manager for the Graduate School

Morgan Lagomarsino, recruitment and outreach manager for the Graduate School.

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Stockton Campus virtual tours have an individual touch

Jul 31, 2020

Morgan Lagomarsino stands at the front of University of the Pacific’s campus in Stockton, poised with her cell phone as the Burns Tower carillon tolls 4 p.m. and traffic breezes by on Pacific Avenue.

Lagomarsino, recruitment and outreach manager for the Graduate School, is one of the university’s official tour guides during these times of COVID-19.

Pacificans are accustomed to seeing groups of prospective students with their families touring the beautiful campus. That cannot happen with the pandemic.

But Lagomarsino’s personal tours serve a double purpose: a glimpse of campus for prospective students and a trip down memory lane for alumni.

As the tour begins on July 27, she takes viewers through the university gates, shows them the Pacific seal and then walks by “one of my favorite buildings” in Faye Spanos Concert Hall.

By the time she reaches Burns Tower, tour attendees already are starting to message on Facebook Live.

Federico Mendoza types in the chat: “I am a prospective student and I love that you are doing these.”

“I think it is just lovely that you are doing these tours,” writes Naimah Muhammad. “It is great to see campus again.”

The tour continues with the legend of the columns outside the William Knox Holt Memorial Library and Learning Center, a mention of the draw of Trail Coffee and a stroll past several dormitories

Lagomarsino drops tidbits of local knowledge throughout the tour, including the filming of movie scenes on campus (one of the “Indiana Jones” movies and “Flubber”), the legends of several buildings, notable alumni, the two university rocks that are traditionally painted and more.

The tour included participants from around the world:

  • “I am watching from Peru,” Vitali Hochstader says in the chat.
  • “A big hello from Saudi Arabia,” adds Aiesh Alsharai ’84, an engineering graduate.
  • “I graduated in ’02 and am watching from Singapore. It is so fun to show my daughters this,” posts Heather Hansen.

Lagomarsino gives a brief rundown on athletic facilities and talks about all the departments on the “other side of the river”—the Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy, Pacific’s Department of Public Safety, Cowell Wellness Center, etc.

Stephen Cole, an alumnus with a long memory, adds a note of history: “The Quonset huts are gone!”

The tour wraps around past the Baun Fitness Center and the Donald and Karen DeRosa University Center to its conclusion. Lagomarsino then takes questions.

One of the final thank you messages in the Facebook comes from Kelly Lootz: “Great tour, I loved it!”

Lootz, recruitment manager for Pacific’s School of Health Sciences, gives similar tours for the Sacramento Campus. Her July 28 tour also is featured in Positively Pacific.

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