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Jessica Bilecki

Jessica Bilecki, Pacific sustainability director

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Faculty volunteers sought to test green-lab program

Jul 17, 2020

Sustaining Pacific is seeking faculty volunteers to test a third-party program that emphasizes “green” laboratory practices.

The free, online program, My Green Lab, is “designed for scientists and laboratory professionals who are motivated to encourage their lab to be more sustainable,” according to the company website.

“We are looking for faculty members to give this a try to see if it eventually could help us become more sustainable,” said Jessica Bilecki, Pacific sustainability director. “We do not expect a large number of volunteers, but we do want to at least test the program.”

Sustaining Pacific already has sought and received volunteers for a “green office” program.

“The green office program has the potential to save in terms of energy and materials,” she said.

Bilecki said My Green Lab is not cumbersome. There will be guidance for any faculty member who volunteers.

Bilecki added that while ideally constructed for sciences such as biology or chemistry, she can see it being adapted for courses in engineering, pharmacy and others.

“I realize this is a difficult time to ask this with faculty already dealing with so much because of the pandemic,” Bilecki said. “We hope to get one or two volunteers so we can give this a test.”

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