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The Grove serves delicious meals on quiet Stockton Campus

Jul 17, 2020

The Stockton Campus is largely empty, but imagine walking near Baun Fitness Center when hunger pangs strike.

You think, “I really could go for Halal chicken, lentils and vegetable Jalfrezi.”

Sia Mohsenzadegan
Sia Mohsenzadegan, resident district manager for Bon Appétit
Darla Nobis
Darla Nobis, manager of The Grove.

Guess what? That was on the menu at The Grove earlier this week.

Say you arrive earlier in the day and want breakfast. You could choose between an egg and cheese bagel and a bacon and cheese croissant.

There also is pizza, English muffins, sandwiches, hot entrees and more.

Just as it does during normal campus operations, The Grove is dishing up tasty breakfast and lunch choices and supplying groceries for the limited number of students still on campus, plus other essential workers.

“It makes us feel very good to be able to help out students and colleagues and serve them a good meal,” said Darla Nobis, manager of The Grove. “We get many people from the Physical Plant stopping by here to eat.”

Positively Pacific salutes the small-but-mighty staff of The Grove in another in a series of articles on essential staff on campus. The store is open weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Sia Mohsenzadegan, resident district manager for Bon Appétit, leads the scaled-down campus food services. Nobis handles day-to-day operations and Chef Marco Alvarado whips up delicious meals. Two students work the cash registers.

“There are only a few of us, but we work together to help serve everyone,” Mohsenzadegan said.

All staff members went through COVID-19 safety training. They are diligent about cleanliness and sanitization.

“We have a very thorough protocol and follow it exactly, in the store and in the kitchen,” Mohsenzadegan said.

Under normal operations, Bon Appétit also handles many dining operations including the Donald and Karen DeRosa University Center, The Lair, Calaveras Coffee, The River Room, a food truck and many catering jobs.

“We have to be ready for any changes,” Mohsenzadegan said. “There is so much uncertainty to deal with.”

Food operations also continue at the Sacramento Campus, with take-out available from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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