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Interim Protocols for Travel

June 2020

Purpose: These protocols are intended to align with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), state, county and local guidelines to ensure the health and safety of students, faculty and staff. They are subject to change and are not intended to loosen federal, state, county or local health and safety restrictions or orders.

Personal Travel: These protocols do not restrict travel for personal reasons.  However, employees returning from travel of any kind will be subject to federal, state, county and local health orders including possible self-isolation / quarantine for returning to work. Employees should communicate with their supervisor regarding such requirements when planning and returning from travel.

Business Travel: All business-related travel is restricted to essential university business. International travel is prohibited until further notice. In-state and interstate business travel plans should be reviewed and approved by the employee's supervisor with signoff from the appropriate dean, vice president or their designee. The number of individuals from any given unit attending any in-person event/meeting/conference should be limited.

The following business travel protocols are recommended:

  • Travel via automobile with a single occupant/driver is encouraged as the preferred method of travel.
  • Where group travel is required, travel via private van or bus is allowed with one passenger per row. All passengers and the driver should wear face coverings. For athletic team travel, no non-essential staff or guests may travel with the team until further notice.
  • Travel by public bus, plane and train are discouraged.
  • Out-of-state business travel is strongly restricted and approval will depend in part on whether the destination state has, or has recently lifted, any quarantine restrictions.
  • In reviewing business travel proposals, supervisors should take into account whether the venue for in-person events will support social distancing and other health practices associated with the pandemic.

Business Travel: To reduce the necessity of business travel, use alternatives to in-person events such as webinars and virtual meetings via Zoom, MS Teams and WebEx. 

As domestic and international travel restrictions ease, the university will review and update these recommendations consistent with CDC, federal, state, county and local guidelines.  For those who must travel domestically at this time, travelers should continue to practice:

  • Proper social distancing;
  • Wearing face coverings;
  • Washing hands and using hand sanitizer;
  • Avoid epicenters of outbreaks.