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Office of the President
University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Welcome, Christopher and Jean Callahan

Christopher Callahan joined University of the Pacific as its 26th president on July 1, 2020. Please help welcome Chris and his wife Jean to the Pacific community.

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The Spanos Family
We wish to extend a warm welcome to President Chris Callahan to the Pacific family.  We look forward to working with him for the betterment of the school in ways that would benefit students, faculty, staff and administrators.

Lani Schiff-Ross, 
Executive Director, First 5 San Joaquin; ’85 Pacific graduate

As a member of the Beyond our Gates Council and as an alumna, welcome to the university.  I have been incredibly impressed with your commitment to getting to know the community.  I look forward to meeting you and hearing wonderful stories about the positive difference you are making in the lives of students, staff, faculty, and our community. 

Ellen Junn, 
President, California State University, Stanislaus
I want to extend my warmest welcome and congratulations to new Pacific President Chris Callahan as someone with impressive achievements and an exciting vision for working with our region to continue to support students’ dreams to achieve a college education. I also look forward to working with Dr. Callahan in the future!

Ann Johnston, 
Former Stockton Mayor and current Beyond Our Gates Executive Committee member

We welcome you and know you are ready for the challenges facing our university in the coming years. We are ready to follow your lead in showing that the University of the Pacific is a bright star in the collegiate galaxy.

Douglass W. Wilhoit, Jr., 
CEO, Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce

Since the very beginning of the University of the Pacific in Stockton in 1923, the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce and the university have had a very strong bond. Our board of directors, members and staff welcome President Chris Callahan and his family to Pacific and our community!

Kay Ruhstaller,
CEO, Family Resource and Referral Center
Family Resource and Referral Center would like to welcome Chris Callahan to the University of the Pacific. We look forward to working in partnership with you!

James Mousalimas,
Superintendent, San Joaquin County Office of Education
Welcome to your new role as president of a university that has formed a strong connection with the community through its support of the education and development of children in Stockton and San Joaquin County. We look forward to working with you to strengthen that bond.

Carol Ornelas,
CEO, Visionary Home Builders
President Chris Callahan, welcome to Stockton. We look forward to working with you on various issues regarding housing, education and the future of University of the Pacific.

Suzy Daveluy,
Interim Director of Community Services, City of Stockton
A, heartfelt welcome to President Callahan who we look forward to collaborating with and realizing even more successes together.

Faimous Harrison, 
Dean, Stockton Campus, Stanislaus State

Congratulations on your new role as the 26th president for the University of Pacific; we look forward to building upon our existing relationships to expand access to education and collaborating on initiatives essential to the betterment of our community.

Kristen Birtwhistle, ‘81
We are very excited to have someone of your talent, excitement and innovation as Pacific’s next President. Welcome to Stockton, to San Francisco and Sacramento. As a third generation alumni, I welcome you to the Pacific family and hope that we can continue on the legacy of educational greatness that this university has always demonstrated. Most importantly, United Way of San Joaquin will be here, at the ready to assist and support you as needed.

Karen Olivas,
University of the Pacific
Sincere congratulations on your new role here at Pacific. Welcome Mr. Callahan and your wife. We are delighted to have you and Jean joining our community. Warm regards.

Mary-Beth Moylan,
University of the Pacific

Welcome to both of you. The law school is looking forward to welcoming you to our community in person when we can.

Jim Dugoni,
University of the Pacific

Welcome and thank you! So happy to have you both on campus to provide dynamic leadership for our great university. Thanks for your willingness to accept this opportunity and the challenge of moving Pacific forward. Here’s to the start of an exciting and successful journey—onward!

John Gutierrez,
Pacific Alumni
So many students are so happy to have you both here and are so excited to see all the wonderful things you two will do to improve the Pacific experience! Welcome and best of luck in your journey!

Steven Whyte,
University of the Pacific
It seems as though you are already a veteran employee with all the work you have done with us since we announced you as our new president. But since this is your first official day on the job—congratulations and welcome. As a 1979 graduate of Pacific, former board member of the Pacific Alumni Association and now a long time employee of Pacific, I am excited that you and Jean are here to bring your enthusiastic leadership to Pacific. I am looking forward to working with you both.

Rajul Patel,
University of the Pacific
We are happy to have the two of you join the Pacific family and look forward to working with and for you. Hope to meet you in person and if you need any tips on good restaurants to try in the area let me know!

Rick Hutley,
University of the Pacific
Welcome to you and your wife as you formally join the Pacific family. You arrive at a pivotal time in U.S. and world history—and for academia. We are excited about your passions for innovation and look forward to working with you to take Pacific into the future. Enjoy Pacific—and California. It’s a great place to be.

Randi Holguin,
ASuop President, University of the Pacific

Welcome Mrs. Callahan and President Callahan! We look forward to introducing you to Pacific with our traditions and showing our passion for Pacific through our actions as students! We are excited to get to know you both and see what you can provide for our university. Your arrival brings light and optimism for a stronger future for Pacific. I'm manifesting an amazing year and many more years to come!

Ava Hammond,
University of the Pacific

Welcome to Pacific!

Cassidy Johnson,
Pacific Student
Welcome to the both of you! I hope you’ve found Pacific to be a wonderful place during your visits. I look forward to seeing your leadership bring new ideas and success to our university. Welcome!

Allan Hardcastle,
Pacific Alumni

Welcome, Chris and Jean. I look forward to working with you to promote UOP both near and far. Good luck!

Wendy Cornwall,
University of the Pacific
Welcome to Pacific!

Margaret Roberts,
University of the Pacific
Welcome to Pacific! We've gotten a glimpse at your passion for the institution and commitment to building an even stronger university over the past six months! It's inspiring and exciting to follow your lead now daily. Looking forward to working with you both to continue making this a great place to learn, grow and be a Pacifican!

Benny Huynh,
Pacific Student
Welcome to Pacific! I'm so excited for all the amazing things to come with your entry to Pacific. I hope I get the chance to speak with you more before I leave. Warm wishes from a student in communication!

Nicoleta Bugnariu,
Founding Dean, School of Health Sciences, University of the Pacific

A warm welcome to both of you, Chris and Jean! There is nothing like moving a family and taking a high-stakes responsibility job in the middle of a pandemic, great economic and social uncertainties, the biggest disruption in higher education we have seen in centuries, etc...How fortunate for Pacific to have you as President to lead us!

Candis Bradley,
University of the Pacific
Welcome to Pacific! Here's to a bright, new future!!

Ken Albala,
University of the Pacific
Welcome to Pacific and to Stockton! Hope your arrival has been a pleasant one.

Barry Harper,
Pacific Alumni
Christopher and Jean....Welcome to the Pacific world of learning, growth, passion and support. As an alumnus and a lover of everything Pacific...I look forward to supporting your vision to leading Pacific to new heights. The challenges will bring opportunities to elevate us be a national leader in education. Good luck and much success and joy in your new position.

Vee Burton,
Pacific Student
Welcome to University of the Pacifc to both of you. I can’t wait to see the work you will do for the students and I can’t wait to work with you on the programs on campus like TRiO, CIP, and programs such as pride center, BSU, Latinx/Native/Indigneous, APID and student success. You both seem fun and I hope you enjoy Stockton for what it is. An awesome beautiful place with awesome people.

Brett Cameron,
University of the Pacific
Welcome to Pacific! Excited for you to join us and looking forward to next great steps for Pacific!

Erin (Westfall) Mettler '01,
Pacific Alumni Association President 2020-21
On behalf of the Pacific Alumni Association Board of Directors, I extend a heartfelt welcome to you both on this first official day at Pacific! You have joined the ranks of lifelong Tigers who strive to serve their community as good stewards and citizen leaders. We look forward to bringing forth a collaborative spirit from the broader alumni community to work in partnership and support the great things to come. Welcome home!

Lisa Erck,
University of the Pacific
Welcome to Pacific! We are thrilled to have you and Jean join the Pacific family. We appreciate all that you have done in preparation and look forward to our journey forward.

Chris Goff,
University of the Pacific
Welcome to Pacific! I look forward to seeing you and Jean around campus.

Janice Bross,
University of the Pacific
Your positivity and leadership will open the next chapter for the university. Welcome to Pacific!

Jeffrey Michael,
University of the Pacific
Welcome Chris and Jean! It's an exciting time to be at Pacific, and I am confident you will grow Pacific's positive impact on our students and community in innovative ways.

Dave Frederickson,
Pacific Alumni
Welcome, Chris and Jean. You are officially Tigers now. Margaret and I are so pleased you are here. We know how exciting it must be. We look forward to how you will frame your term of service and are eager to hear your vision of Pacific’s future. We have known each president since Tully Knoles. Each has brought unique talents, skills and visions to campus, leaving their stamp on Pacific. All best wishes in leaving your mark, at the end of the day. Go Tigers!
Dave and Margaret Frederickson

Ahmud Mdnoor,
Pacific Alumni

Welcome to the pacific.

Mike Klocke,
University of the Pacific
Welcome to Pacific. All the best and looking forward to a bright future.

Ralph Coppola,
Pacific Alumni
Jesse and I would like to extend the warmest of welcomes to each of you, President Christopher and Jean Callahan! Welcome and thank you so very much for joining us in this educational and social voyage. I look forward to helping you increase the ties between and participation by the alumni, together with such other adventures as you might request. Warmest regards.

Brad Loos,
Pacific Alumni
I'm very excited to warmly welcome both of you to the Pacific family! During this unprecedented pandemic, many are rethinking how best to lead organizations in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world. Even in these challenging times, I'm supremely confident you will do a terrific job preparing our next generation of leaders and positioning Pacific for future successes. Go Tigers!

Don Argue,
Pacific Alumni
Congratulations and welcome Christopher and Jean!
Reading your bio, I am convinced you were the right choice for UOP.
Completed EdD at Pacific. Excellent preparation for my upcoming positions.
Privileged to serve as president of two universities. I have intrinsic knowledge and understanding of challenges and opportunities you will encounter.
“Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged...” Joshua 1:9
Again, CONGRATULATIONS and best wishes!

Bradley Davis,
University of the Pacific

Welcome to both of you. It is obvious that Pacific is in great hands.

Jenaro Sanchez ’72,
Pacific Alumni
Wishing you and UOP all the best. Greetings from Guatemala City.

Diane Vigil
Pacific Supporter
As past president of the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce, I am so happy to welcome you and your wife Jean to our exceptional community. My husband and I also enjoy our PAF membership as huge UOP basketball fans! UOP is an important and integral part of our community. The great staff at the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce will be there for you. My very best to you both.

Robert Stanley ’50,
Pacific Alumni
Welcome to the greatest institution of advanced education ever. I have been extremely proud to claim Pacific as my school since my graduation (thanks to the GI Bill) in the class of 1950.

Joanne Fox,
University of the Pacific
On behalf of the four-member Alumni Association team, welcome to the Dugoni school family! We look forward to your leadership and to the time when we can invite you to in-person dental school events.

Robert Davenport,
Pacific Alumni
Welcome to Pacific, Stockton and central California. These are “interesting” times for all of us in so many ways. As alumni (and I am accused by former colleagues and friends of bleeding orange), my wife and I are happy to welcome you to the Tiger fold. We will do all we are able to support your endeavors to guide Pacific forward and upward.

Sahila Shah,
Pacific Student
First and foremost, I hope you are doing well and staying safe! I wish the campus was opened so I could have congratulated you in person, but I’m truly very excited for next year and the many more. I know that you will be an amazing bridge between the students and the representatives of this university. I hope that both of you enjoy Stockton (as a local Stocktonian, I can show you the best food here) and UOP as well. Thank you for being here and for being the change the students want to see.

Lois Meyer,
University of the Pacific
On behalf of Success Trio: Welcome to University of the Pacific! We look forward to working with you.
Jerry Ruiz, Alondra Soto Zuniga, Monica Ramos and Lois Meyer

Sandy Huber,
Pacific Supporter
Welcome! We ordered sunny weather, blue skies and a campus filled with fragrant roses to welcome you this week! As a Beyond Our Gates member and wife to former Pacific Board Chair Kevin Huber, I am excited to already have experienced the commitment and vision you have for our Pacific community. Looking forward to a bright and bold future!

Jeffrey Bassett,
Pacific Alumni
Welcome Mr. Callahan and family to UOP and hope your endeavors and leadership to the Stockton community will be well received, as I'm sure they will be. I am an old alumnus that used to play football for the university back in the day. Even though the sport is no longer represented, the history continues for me with meeting up with ex-teammates and classmates who also attended this fine university.

Marvin and Carol Neveu,
Pacific Supporters
As parents of former student Cindy Neveu ’86 we wish you all the best at UOP. Our daughter's years there were some of the best for our family. She flourished there and her education served her well and all the staff there and the Stockton community were wonderful. We lost Cindy in 2007 but still hold UOP so fondly in our memories. We wish you many years and memories during your tenure in Stockton.

Gordon J. Tucker,
Pacific Alumni, Retired Administrator (Financials)
Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry
Welcome aboard. All best wishes for your success at UOP. Particularly during these most trying times.

Kathy Hart,
Former President of San Joaquin Delta College
Welcome to Stockton, Chris and Jean! You have come to a great city and a great university. If I can be of any help to you at any time, please don't hesitate to ask! All the best to both of you.

Georgette Hunefeld
University of the Pacific
Welcome President Callahan and "First Tigress," Jean! Today begins the first step in what will be an exceptional journey as president of our great university. Your Tiger stripes were clear when you stepped in to join Interim President Pallavicini lead and inspire students, parents, faculty, staff and our Pacific community when the Tiger family needed strong beacons of hope.
Welcome to the Tiger Pride! Cheers!

Nicolasa Kuster
University of the Pacific
Welcome to Stockton and to Pacific! We are excited to have you join our community.

Somasundaram Kandasamy
Pacific Alumni
Welcome to Pacific. The university is going to be in good hands under your leadership. In 1972, Pacific gave me a once in a lifetime chance to attend a great university. It gave me a great education which changed my life forever. I was so impressed and happy with the quality of the education I received at Pacific that I sent both my daughters to Pacific. Pacific prepared me and my daughters very well. Thank you for being our president.

Karissa Acosta
Pacific Student
Sincere congratulations on assuming the position as such an influential person within the Pacifican community. I know I am not alone when I say that I am excited to see the changes you implement to further improve the university.

Herman Howard
Pacific Supporter
Congratulations on your new role. We wish you and Jean all the best in your new position. Your leadership and creative methods will be a great asset for the faculty, students and staff at the University of the Pacific. Wishing you both all the best!!!

Liliana Lopez
Pacific Student
Congratulations to you both! I know both President Callahan and Mrs. Callahan will do wonderful things for Pacific in the years to come. I had a wonderful time interviewing and getting to know you, and hope to do so again in the future.

Sherilyn Herger
Pacific Student
Having just completed my first year at UOP I want to wish you all the wonderful first memories I have had. I warmly welcome you both and invite you to join in sharing the love we have for our community and culture both on and off the campus. Please continue to foster the open and friendly atmosphere that the University of the Pacific has warmly welcomed all walks of life into. Prayers for a fantastic future.

Greg Edelman
Pacific Alumni
Welcome to Pacific! As a former staff member and student, I wish us all nothing but the best for the future.

Janet Lucas
Athletics Director, University of the Pacific
On behalf of Pacific Athletics, welcome Chris and Jean! We look forward to your leadership and seeing your vision for the university come to life. Go Tigers!
Linda Adams
Pacific Alumni
Welcome to a great university. I trust you will continue to maintain UOP's high standards. As a struggling, single mom while a student, UOP's staff gave me the skills and confidence needed for a rewarding career. I am now comfortably retired and forever grateful to UOP. Enjoy your time there. Make the most of this opportunity. Best wishes.
Sandra Burdi
University of the Pacific
Welcome to you and your wife. Unfortunately, it’s turned out to not be the best time for you to be taking charge of our universities but we trust you will do your best and we are here to listen, assist and support you in whatever way we can to make your transition and appointment a successful one.
Carolynn Kohn
University of the Pacific
My colleagues and I are so excited about your arrival. What a crazy time to take on a new presidency—and yet, you have handled the current situation with grace, transparency, honesty and calm, while remaining data driven and pragmatic. I look forward to working with you now and in less crazy times. Welcome to Pacific!
Alohna Dever
University of the Pacific
Welcome to University of the Pacific, Chris and Jean. I look forward to meeting you in person and hearing about your plans for Pacific. I also look forward to when I can help Jean and you with your Thanksgiving meal, if that's a tradition you start here. I would love to talk to you about it.

Daniel Castagna
University of the Pacific
President Christopher and Jean Callahan: As alumni of the university COP and the dental school plus a faculty member at SF for over 30 years...welcome! I met Chris briefly but look forward to meeting both of you soon!

Elizabeth Trayner
University of the Pacific

Welcome Jean and Chris! I look forward to working with you both!
Aaron Morales
University of the Pacific
Once again, welcome to the Tiger family and the city of Stockton! It was great to have met each of you upon one of your first visits to the campus and look forward to having your leadership and vision take us to new heights here at Pacific. All the best wishes during your transition and welcome to your new home with all of us at Pacific!

Harry Sharp, Jr.
Pacific Alumni
hristopher and Jean, welcome to UOP. I join others in looking forward to your leadership of the university. Since I graduated in 1959, Pacific has grown in stature and size. What I learned as a debater (at then COP) served me well in graduate school at Purdue, in life and as a professor and college dean at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Go Tigers!

Bill Herrin
University of the Pacific
Welcome to you both. I wish you all the best as you settle in and as we all get ready for the fall. I hope you're enjoying Stockton's "cooler" summer weather.

Nader Nadershahi
Dean, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry, University of the Pacific
Welcome to Pacific! The Dugoni school family looks forward to partnering with you both to build a strong and positive future for our university and our wonderful students/residents, staff, faculty, alumni, patients and friends.

Tom Sprague
Pacific Alumni
Welcome in difficult time. Go Tigers.