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    Message from the President regarding student free speech, assembly and non-violent protest

    To the University Community,

    Welcome back from Thanksgiving break. I hope you had a wonderful holiday.

    The weeks leading up to the break were filled with disturbing images and controversies surrounding the breakup of student protests at other California universities. I have been asked how Pacific would handle such a situation.

    The University of the Pacific community, and its leadership, values the right to free speech, assembly, and non-violent protest. In our campus community and our society, it is essential to support and protect the right to debate, disagree, and make our opinions known. The University will protect these rights for any members of our community, provided that protestors comply with the law, do not pose a danger to themselves or others, and do not disrupt the University's ability to educate and protect its students.

    Given these values, peaceful protests have been supported in the past on our campuses and they will continue to be supported. I have consulted with Director of Public Safety Mike Belcher and Vice President for Student Life Elizabeth Griego, and we are in complete agreement and support of these values.

    I deeply appreciate the concerns and questions that have come to me about this issue. It is another sign of the thoughtful and respectful community we have at University of the Pacific.

    Pam Eibeck