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Office of the President
University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Announcing Pacific's Policy Prohibiting Sexual Misconduct, Discrimination and Retaliation

March 22, 2016

To the University community:

A community free from sexual misconduct is essential for a successful educational experience. It is our responsibility as students, faculty, and staff to create a living, learning and working environment at Pacific where sexual misconduct is not only explicitly prohibited, but actively discouraged. To combat sexual misconduct at Pacific, I am pleased to announce Pacific's revised three-city, University-wide "Title IX" Policy Prohibiting Sexual Misconduct, Discrimination and Retaliation; the creation of a full-time Title IX Coordinator position; a Title IX Coordinating Council; and plans for new, enhanced programming to train and educate our University about preventing sexual misconduct.

Pacific's revised policy affirms our commitment to preventing sexual misconduct, including sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating/domestic violence and stalking. The policy also aligns our University with federal "Title IX" legislation barring sexual misconduct in colleges and universities. Our policy also establishes resources and support for victims, clear and consistent procedures to treat complaints, and clear guidance to University community members on how to respond to incidents of sexual misconduct.

The Title IX policy applies to all Pacific community members, including students, faculty, staff, administrators, consultants, and vendors. Sexual misconduct at Pacific is prohibited on all campuses, off campus, and through online electronic communication. All members of the University community will need to familiarize themselves with this policy.  

As part of this commitment to preventing sexual misconduct at Pacific, I have 1) initiated a search to hire a full-time Title IX Coordinator. We hope to fill this position by the end of the semester; 2) authorized the creation of a single web portal for Title IX/sexual misconduct information and reporting; and 3) authorized the establishment of a Title IX Coordinating Council to serve in an advisory role.

The University will help you digest this policy and understand what responsibilities each of us has under Title IX. An FAQ has been created to answer initial questions, and we will add to it as questions arise. Moreover, over the next few months the University will engage in comprehensive mandatory Title IX training for all University community members. In the interim, questions should be directed to Lynn King, Title IX Coordinator.

I thank the numerous members of the University community who have worked very hard over the past several years to ensure that Pacific is following, often pioneering, best practices around sexual misconduct prevention. I am also deeply indebted to our Title IX Task Force, led by Vice President for Student Life Patrick Day, championed by Regent Noël Ferris, and comprising dedicated faculty, staff, students and others. Special thanks are due to Lynn King, who has done an extraordinary job as part-time Title IX Coordinator on top of his many other duties. I also thank the members of the Academic Council for their work to revise the Faculty Handbook to ensure compliance with federal guidelines and the new policy. The work of the task force, in collaboration with units across the University, has provided a framework for moving Pacific forward on this important issue. We recognize that the new policy is a living document and that it will require revisions. On a regular basis, the Coordinating Council will review the policy and our procedures and recommend revisions to enhance their clarity and effectiveness.

Complying with federal and state Title IX laws and regulations is critical not just from a legal standpoint, but vital to ensure that our community prevents sexual misconduct. All of us have an obligation to create a University culture where we can live, work, and learn free from sexual misconduct. I thank all Pacificans for their help with this essential work.


Pam Eibeck