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Benerd College
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Innovation and Digital & Blended Learning

NEW in Professional Development from Benerd College... Featuring Dr. Brett Taylor


Brett Taylor, EdD

Dr. Brett Taylor has dedicated himself to creating learning environments that cultivate the habits of entrepreneurs by engaging students in the work of the real world.  At Benerd, he leads efforts around social and educational entrepreneurship.  He is Founding Principal of Patiño School of Entrepreneurship, an acclaimed public high school in Fresno.  The school was developed around the idea of rethinking what it means to teach and learn.  As part of his work there, Brett led his school's major involvement with the entrepreneurial and technology sectors of Fresno.  Prior to his role at Patiño, Brett was Principal of Duncan Polytechnical High School where he led the redesign of career-oriented programs into a focused small learning community academy system.  Brett has also worked as a learning director and was an English teacher prior to becoming an administrator.  As a professor, Brett believes the journey is more important than the destination and encourages his students to evaluate the learning process and their growth.

Innovation in Education

This six-week course explores innovation currently happening in the education sector. Students will learn from case studies of educational innovation. The course also teaches the knowledge, skills, and frameworks to create educational innovation.

Course Reference Number: PEDD 9550

Credits: 3 Professional Development Units

Course Fee: $450

Start date: Juy 15th

Open enrollment.

Participants have six weeks from July 15th, or date of registration, to complete the course.


Digital & Blended Learning

During this six-week course, students explore digital and blended learning models and learn to design learning with technological assistance.  Online learning design will include: digital environments, asynchronous vs. synchronous, peer collaboration, learning platforms, feedback, and assessment. This course focuses on processes of online learning and can be applied to multiple age levels from child to adult learners.

Course Reference Number: PEDD 9560

Credits: 3 Professional Development Units

Course Fee: $450

Start date: TBD

Open enrollment.

Participants have six weeks from date of registration to complete the course.

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